Daily Reading #281


George Webb says the House Democrats manage the drug side of drugs-for-arms, the Senate has the arms trade :

Comey should keep his mouth shut. Instead, he writes a book and does  lot of interviews, in which he can’t stop lying and exposing his prior lies. Amazing to watch these idiots destroying their public image with every utterance :


“Got Talent” generalized :

Paradoxes are all category errors, attempts to make reality fit into a system of logic or mathematics. How can this not be common knowledge? Because the professionals want to believe in their mental tools and do depend on them to deal with the real world. Paradoxes are nature’s counter-examples, places where the mental tools fail and a reminder that reality must be primary in any epistemology, mental tools are maps onto that primary reality. That idea that reality can be grasped enough to be primary is considered naive in serious philosophical circles, but nothing else has worked so well, it seems to me :

Bobby McFerrin is always interesting :

I have been worn out this week, seem to watch a lot of videos. Thinking in haplotypes is why geneticists deny race, rather speak of ‘clines’. The resulting controversary is another category error, it seems to me. Ordinary people mean an entirely different thing by ‘race’ than the geneticist does :

Victor Davis Hanson is extremely well-spoken and has interesting views of the political realignment that is happening :



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