Daily Reading #280

Continuing the line of thought about how violence will likely break out in the US if Trump doesn’t succeed in corralling the Deep Black Swamp. The 20-some Fusion centers in the US are planning for insurrection and roundups, of course.  The FEMA camps are real, the destination for a lot of us who state opinions like mine, and certainly everyone who is active in a patriot group.

George Webb and others have stated that the Fusion centers are stockpiles of arms and ammunition intended for elements among the many refugee groups when the government needs support.

Wise leaders of those patriot groups will know this, and so will target the fusion centers and FEMA camps first thing. Again, the dynamics will lead to a  the sudden outbreak of armed violence based on what seem to be trivial incidents, but were tripwires for one side or the other.

Lunchtime I was driving and listened to a Pacifica station on the subject of the transnational economic elites and the institutions that set world economic and military policy very directly and social and environmental policies less directly. A couple of hundred people largely control 25% of the world’s wealth and largely control policies of governments around the world. THe guy’s book/talk was “Giants”, I think. As usual from the progressive left, excellent diagnosis.  I didn’t hear his prescriptions to remedy the problem, but it would have been more government power, Progressive’s standard answer to all problems. Carefully ignoring the reality that big business likes more government, more government power for them to use for private gain is how we got here, centralized to the point of paralysis.

Excellent journalism uncovering links between sources and intelligence agencies in the British side of “The Russians Did It” narrative. It never ends, just amazing to be living through this, it is like we are in Communist Russia in the 1950s. Unrelenting propaganda framing every story to support the narrative and events down the memory hole when they don’t fit it :


An excellent article on EMPs and CMEs. Yes, you need Faraday cages for any electronics you wish to survive the event :


Yes, public school teachers are a fraud on the public :


Exercise to preserve your memory :

All our holidays become times for eating, drinking and partying! Christmas, 4th of July.

No one can expect piety or reverence for something many generations of people and technologies in the past. We don’t any longer either celebrate or mourn the sack of Rome, most of us are so mixed we could do both. Yes, once again, we will now mix our culture and genetics with theirs, as we have been doing with other peoples of their own mixes.

A great people with a greater culture will come from this.

It always has. For example :

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