Daily Reading #27F

Excellent progress on my programming project, writing programs is very satisfying. Also frustrating.

There are many reasons to believe that Jeff Sessions is part of the Deep Black Swamp. Trump needs to fire him and start cleaning out the DOJ :

Just now I was thinking about likely events in very-mixed states, e.g. any of the coastal areas. Were I a serious intel guy part of a patriot group planning for a sudden transition to a shooting revolution, I would have identified all of the leading local through county bad guys, pinpointed their probable locations at different times of the day, ordered their importance in dealing with such a break, and assigned targets.

We know the authorities already think that way. What a lovely system to produce catastrophe. So the break will be very suddenly violent as some event triggers both sides’ plans for roundups and assassinations. SWAT teams will be greatly over-extended.

Another novel plot, of course, such a thing could not happen in real life. Although, was not WWI said to be controlled by such a trigger? How long their mobilizations took, limited by the trains, and the fact that whoever mobilized first could roll over the others. The hair trigger of the day. Technology progresses, latencies fall.


George Webb shows how deep in time the drug business has been, how many of our oligarch families and their financial institutions have been involved since the beginning. George says that Republican-controlled committees in both House and Senate have been trying to get investigations going wrt the Awan Brothers Spy Ring in Congress, but Paul Ryan has stopped them.

The Paul Ryan who is retiring to spend more time with his family.

I read that a majority, tho memory is hazy on that, of the new Democrats running for Congress this year have military intelligence backgrounds. Can’t trust anyone with a military intelligence background without long and careful vetting. Remember, they control the records systems!?!

If we get out of this without a nuclear war and fighting in the rubble, I will be surprised. How do you fight something that controls the records? Blockchain, neighbor by neighbor, vetting each other by personal knowledge from every block. The spreads of infection will be obvious.

A project for there among the rubble. There is a novel there. I hope it remains fantasy, but folks, this is a very serious situation. We have a faction in our political system, and wide and deep infiltration of the judiciary, bureaucracies and Congress, which has had control of each president since JFK, pushing for final, out-front control. The Democrats don’t even pretend to be a normal political group any longer, they are the political face of the Deep Black Swamp. Many Republicans also, as the Ds and Rs have long had revenue sharing agreements, which positions own which black revenue flows. Very few in our Congress are NOT dirty at this point. Many many people in our social, professional, economic and political elites have been corrupted, and the great majority go along to get along. Catastrophe is inevitable with such a centralized system, that requires better control systems than can exist.

A country’s government being taken over by its intelligence service is such a common thing in history that they should teach it as a major point in schools, what worked in resisting and what didn’t. Then copy Putin’s current organization, he knows all this from experience and will have taken steps to prevent it happening to him .

Meanwhile, we better start marching dammit. Free Assange! Free Snowden! Prosecute the Deep Black Swamp! :

Spend more time in local affairs is good advice :


No way was the Boy Scout’s name change a bottom-up effort.  Therefore, it was a bad idea, by definition. The Scouts have been destroyed, as many fewer troops are locally supported by their communities, leaders and scouts. There will be a competitive group formed from the former Scouts leaders, but will remain fragmented. So obvious an outcome, it is hard to believe it was not their intention :


The Golden Share is a new concept, THE mechanism of top-down control of all major corporations :

An excellent discussion of the organizational weaknesses of the Israeli IDF ground forces. They need more adult leadership, in Col. Lang’s opinion :


Cultural currents from the top down are a bad idea :


However do their minds think? Nobody could possibly think this was a good idea, but they did it. They must believe PR is all-powerful, when their own platform shows that to be false, the very thing they are working to fix. They only have a monopoly in the US and Europe, soon to be abandoned. Peer-to-peer software is percolating up from development groups, open source and otherwise. Peer-to-peer plus blockchain will make information sources and flows as transparent as anyone wants it to be. The next Facebook or Google will not be a corporation :


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