Daily Reading #27E


Thierry Meyssan does not think the Deep Black Swamp is winning in the ME. Have no doubt, Likhud Party is just another mafia, Mossad is their enforcement arm, same as CIA is the one for US oligarchs.

There was a time when that last sentence would have been seen as an extreme opinion, but the number of insiders lecturing on the evils of the organization they once worked for, the criminality admitted in memoirs, … have moved public opinion either strongly for or against the CIA. Against will win, bigly, of course, but it could get bloody and take a good while and a lot of treasure. Bad choice, if we can possibly avoid it.

But fundamentally, they can’t lose because they will hang, and we can’t lose because consigning our progeny to a life of servitude to an automated surveillance state controlled by an oligarchy is too awful to contemplate. It would be a world of disappearances, including lots of kids. Wisdom of the ages is nobody and no group can be trusted with power over their fellow man. They can’t win and we can’t let them.

I see no sign of the Deep Black Swamp backing down in this confrontation :


The Deep Black Swamp desperately need a war and/or civil strife at home to avoid their guilt in so many crimes, beginning with the 1993 WTC bombing, following with OKC and the 9/11 false flags. Here is another thread of that :


I do not trust Netanyahu, of course, there is no reason in his history to do so. George Webb has claimed Mossad contacts, and obviously has been lead to his current story of Iran running nuclear weapons, subs and carriers, meaning he could have been mislead. Ditto on the US open-source researchers, but not so easily. OTOH, the entire intelligence community has said that Iran does NOT have a nuclear program, and that checking is part of the new treaty. But who can trust the intelligence community?

And, on the other hand, if such a program exists because the CIA has been selling America’s secrets as George credibly claims, it will have footprints everywhere, including German and French military contractors. So all this is easy to get straight, iff there is any group we can trust to provide a straight story.

Meanwhile, I am skeptical of everyone until there is more light on the subject.  But I strongly fear that Trump is being walked into another war, one that the Israeli-Neocons need to avoid being hanged for their treason. Moon of Alabama separates the ‘documentation’ behind Netanyahu’s claims from George’s story, it seems to me :





People are prepping and thinking about ‘what next?’ :


World consciousness is changing :


George Webb continues on revelations wrt Iran’s various nuclear programs.  George’s version should be very easy to verify, just look at all the German and French companies cooperating with Iran :

Jake Morphonios is an excellent analyst :

Some spiders live a long time :


Human bodies and minds are a complex system, and we aren’t the only organism in that system :


TOR is a brilliant idea. Only problem is, it was funded by the CIA :



Big-level reasoning, philosophy and wisdom applied to human affairs and life decisions, cannot be correct in the nature of things. The more your expertise, the more things you can list that might affect some decision, ‘depending’. Extrapolate.

But you can depend on life experience. Don’t trust institutions! Don’t trust power and money!

There is no fixing these institutions, human minds are not up to fixing problems of this size, only at constructing them. No, cut the TBTF banks lose and allow the market to deal with them. Allowing the market to decide what level of complexity it can support will be much less expensive than any government fixes to the problem. It is not as if this is a new problem, it happens whenever the Fed turns on the money pump :


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