Daily Reading #27D

The Vox piece below was interesting. I had not realized the depth of the anti-Trump propaganda, the innuendo spun into very lightly sourced, sometimes no sourced stories. Truly, they are still trying to take Trump down, this is still Deep Black Swamp against the rest of us.

We are with in a decade of having ubiquitous surveillance with automated analyses. Every license plate tracked at every street corner, every cell phone as it transits the city, matching past patterns, or your data goes to the next level. No stealing a car, your cell phone won’t match the car. No casual dates, your cell phone company collects all of that data for the NSA.

Especially if we did not know of any of the many criminal frauds George Webb, et all are exposing, we would strongly suspect that a society with a central power monitoring our daily lives in great detail could not work. With a bit of thought, the mind boggles. No kidding people, way past time to be real excited about our political situation.

At this point, we can’t tell whether Trump will escape their traps. I hope so, but looking past the possibility of being wrong, there is violence in our future. Recall that the end of the USSR had a 3rd-world high mortality rate in every demographic. There aren’t many things worse than that, but revolution is one of them. Not many things worse than revolution, but casting your children into that dystopian future is far, far worse.

People are right to be arming and planning.

The big-mac index is a better indication of the actual economy than the gov’s fudged GDP figures, of course :


Trump bombs, and a few weeks later, ends the war against ISIS. AT the same time as Netanyahu blows the whistle on the American CIA-DBS for shipping weapons designs and components, including all the nuclear weapons components, to Iran. With the able assistance, George explains, of the Germans and Frenh manufacturers, with sufficient payments to NATO that nobody complains. I do hope someone is detailing all of this in an accurate way. My belief that Trump is playing a deep game is comforting, but not well-supported. I hate being wrong, and the far more likely view is that Trump is another world leader selected by completely facadist mechanisms, entirely PR. Trump is a master at PR and branding, it seems to me, not so great at much else.

Someone needs to re-interpret Trump’s rise and reign in that light, a fine piece of revisionist history as it is being made. Couldn’t be worse than the Vox piece I linked to below :


I somehow missed the first 4 of George Webb’s videos yesterday :

And here is today. They are still intending to impeach Trump with Mueller, the depth of this propaganda effort is just amazing to me. The Vox article has :


Sheryl Atkinsson accepts the story that the Russians invaded Ukraine in 1914. I NEVER saw evidence for that, despite both the Ukrainians and the US pushing the story. If there had been such evidence, from the satellites, for example, I think everyone would know about it. I think the Russian government supplied the Ukrainian rebels with arms and some ‘volunteers’ to assist in training, and took in 2M refugees, pretty much what the US is doing everywhere.

The other interesting aspect of this report is that it is so superficial compared to what anyone who follows George Webb and the other investigators into the massive corruption in our government understands. She is years behind those threads, and legacy media is far behind that :

This from Naked Capitalism today, a defense of true Progressive values against mere liberals :

Waldman seems to conceive of liberal and left as a continuum. As readers know, I think there is a discontinuity. Liberals put the market first; that’s why (for example, ObamaCare is structured as it is, and why all the liberal bait-and-switch fake Medicare proposals are structured as they are. The left, I urge, puts the working class first. You don’t join the left by becoming more liberal.

Another way of saying that is the Progressives see no reason for a limit on State power. I see practical, legal and theoretical reasons for limiting State power, and believe all of history fits into that framework. People cannot be trusted with power, collectively or individually. None of the systems maintain their ideals. No matter how noble their motives at the beginning,none  have lasted even two generations before the social, economic and political decline begins. The USSR, with the most advanced control system of its time, was in decline before Stalin died, and got worse every year after. It was a very inefficient and ineffective use of human potential.

Western civilization has advanced to a new level of control, new detail of every bit of our system. The automated control systems, e.g. a simple function such as Material Requirements Planning, is beyond awesome in sophistication and control.  Of course, only few people really know how the system is supposed to work, so nobody can have a big picture. Inefficiencies are everywhere, accommodations to the requirements of the software systems. Not all bad, but far from all good, and increasingly rigid relative to systems with more people’s more-knowing involvement. More top-down control, of course, which is always bad. And, otoh, I think you couldn’t build much of the complex machinery and structures in our world without the aid of complex software systems.

Grenville Towers is a result. Someone cut corners and made a bigger profit, upstream didn’t catch it.

The system of justice in the US is seriously broken. How can such a thing happen? Again, Microsoft is a shit organization with no ethics :


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