Daily Reading #27C

Good progress on my programming project, so not much reading :

The Saker has an excellent grasp of the reality I share :


Ray McGovern on the criminal referrals to the DOJ :


George Webb continues with the Awan Spy Ring in Congress and ties it to Iran’s development of nuclear subs, aircraft carriers and nuclear weapons program. He decides that Q is not solid in all ways. (I think the same.) And recommends bombs or full disclosure of the documents. Netanyahu has exposed some of the documents. One must be skeptical, of course, as this could be another CIA-MI6-Mossad operation that used George. But so far, George has been correct on even his most unbelievable conjectures :

The leftish side of the conventional political spectrum, way too simple for reality, does excellent diagnosis of some aspects of reality. I like both Abbie Mathews and Jimmy Dore :

Scott Ritter’s assessment of the “Syrian gas attack in Ghouta” story :


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