Daily Reading #27B

“Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness.” Bertrand Russell

Yes, a political realignment based on a different consciousness. We can argue about the ‘consciousness’ part, but I believe the internet has exposed how all of the peoples of the world share the same satisfactions of life and suffer the same privations. Previously, we understood differences, those are what came through in writing, pictures, videos. Such very widespread access to other’s cellphone video pornography, I think, has been the difference 8) :


Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the Deep Black Swamp has been outing itself ever since the Internet allowed us to share information. The information leaks will only get worse, from the DBS pov :



Mexico is what our masters have planned for us :


Neocons always double down on the coolaid :


The entire issue of the Iranian treaty wrt nuclear weapons is discussed without ever acknowledging the illegal drugs-for-arms sales George Webb discusses and which all of our intelligence agencies know about :


Now Western governments are changing history, the very thing they castigated Communists for 50 years ago :


Maybe the Mullahs need a war also? This exposes the ‘journalism’ that works to cover up reality, sell an Israeli-Neocon narrative. But, to critique the story, anyone who believes polls in the modern world has a hole in their head. As usual in US foreign policy, the US’s opposition props up the Mullahs. Without the sanctions, they would have nothing to blame their economic problems on and would be quickly thrown out of power :


Good links from CHSmith’s weekly Musings Report :

Bulldoze the business schools. Yes, a) Internet is cheaper and b) One of Youtube’s useful features is the ratings by real people (t least until Google screws that up also ), so the feedback from reality is much wider bandwidth. Much of college is similarly out-of-date with tutors on the net and Youtube, etc. on-line courses. And nothing prevents a group of students deciding to be an on-line class to take the course together, sharing the cost of tutors as necessary. Meanwhile, people socialize as they always have, in their local community. Local communities are often very large now.

I would bet on people taking on-line tests and getting certificates in the near-future. I mean, every phone has a camera, they can watch and listen as you answer questions on your screen, and detecting anomalies can be automated, so make that sensitive and put the onus for proving they are not being helped. That is a doable business :


This is an excellent article on building soil health for sustainable greater profits in farming, building real wealth into the soil. The climate argument is correct wrt animals on rangeland being good for the range and lowering global temps, but only because surface heat absorption with and without plants is so different. Plants produce organic matter from some of the sun’s energy, it doesn’t go into heating the air. The climate argument is bogus to the extent it posits CO2 levels matter, the latest glacier data says CO2 levels rise after the vegetation is gone due to the cold :


The left often gets the diagnosis correct, but are complete failures at prescribing for the disease. More, better oversight, versions of ‘the right people’, are how we got here, so many layers of reform later, all failed in the standard ways.

The answer is to abolish large institutions that can be so out of control. There is nothing inevitable about a huge army nor a huge government. Large bureaucracies are only one of the ways that defense and the other functions now handled by our mega-governments could be, have been, handled in other societies. We definitely need to explore more of them :


As someone who believes that social evolution is inevitable, so we should enjoy the process, I must applaud this. But this brings out the horrified traditionalist in me :


The problem of ‘abandoned DNA’. So they followed him to a coffee shop to get a sample, tho they don’t say that :

This is good wrt SJW’s hurt feelings :


I read parts of the horseshit article again, which I will not link to so I don’t help it in pagerank. I do not recognize the divisions of the world, the redefinitions of words, that he uses. In the author’s definition, individualism and democracy, embracing egalitarian and inclusive values, is the end of any possible civilization. He totally confuses individualism with extreme egotism leading to the breakdown of society. He talks a systems view, but doesn’t practice it. Does he think that kings were not extreme egotists? Are not all of our oppressors enabled by that view, and always have been? Down to the petty bureaucracy? Systems make the people, too.

As for the entire ‘relativism’ nonsense. Once you have more than one religion or culture, your judgments get relative, there is not one answer to ‘what is the correct birthday present to give my friend?”, much less “when should a woman begin enjoying sex?”. But everyone agrees that theft is not acceptable, honesty is necessary, and hurting people is very bad. We just have different ways of punishing those.

Individualism, in my view, is a requirement for a sustainable, i.e. evolving, society. Realism includes knowing how your society works and your place in it. And the knowledge that you can get ahead by hard work, honesty, etc. My son’s generation are fine people, making the best in a hard world, one they didn’t make. That is their reality, and they will learn that dishonesty and corruption produced that hard reality, drained the wealth into too-few hands, froze the economic system that produces jobs. High-priced, low-quality services from education, health care, care insurance, housing, gasoline, …, low wages, … :


That is what the fight is about, how to proceed to a world of Freedom for individuals to build their social and economic orders local-ground up vs impose that order top down. Man is the measure of all things, and every man exists in a society of such men. That is the reality, the question is whether man services the society or vv. Obviously, it is a system, the society around is is the environment in which individuals must excel, and people judge each other by the values that allow civilization and favor each other accordingly. Always true in every time and place.

This article sides with the forces of centralization in a philosophical mishmash, confusingly supporting some imagined proper society where people knew their place in the social order, no doubt with the ‘best people’ running everything. Bad, bad, bad thinking, just another variety of the collectivist thinking they denigrate. The whole site is such nonsense, and the comments on that article were worse. Philosophical and historical horseshit.

Meanwhile, ordinary people go on treating strangers right :


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