Daily Reading #279

Programming music. The Chambers Brothers :

We sometimes achieve humbleness as individuals, certainly have not done so as a species. We should, e.g. chimps are far better at memory tests than people :

Wrt ‘global totalitarianism’, I am increasingly of the view that the Deep Black Swamp is mafias, and that major crime families in every country are behind many trends and all of the wars. I had blamed the CIA for being the source, behind the Bushes and Clinton crime families, but they are newcomers on the stage. No reason to believe they were a new phenomena, so extrapolating the Rothschilds must have been the equivalent in previous generations, and certainly we have had smugglers, etc. in major families since before the revolution. Of course they cooperate and also compete.

The Rothschilds may be the richest and even the most important element of the global mafias, certainly are largely behind the Zionist movement and associated mafias, but they are only a few of the many such mafia families.

Not to say the CIA is not an independent source of crime and corruption with their own goals, nor even that ‘the CIA’ is a unitary entity, just that they are another element in the larger ecosystem of crime and corruption.

Mafia rules everywhere : “Whatever you can get away with, but you owe the bosses a cut and can’t attract too much attention”.

Banks have attracted too much attention :


Jake Morphonios is excellent analysis and explanation, always :

False flags are gradually getting into people’s consciousness :


I think it likely that the entire NK armaments program was a false flag by the Deep Black Swamp. No way has 22M citizen Korean with an agricultural economy run nuclear weapons programs AND several generations of development on ICBMs at the same time. Trump has at least backed off the DBS in NK :


If Trump doesn’t get our Deep Black Swamp under control and the government back in the Constitutional box, revolution is inevitable. Too many people understand how bad this system has become :


Naomi Prins is very intelligent, but to think that the Federal Reserve has ever stopped Wall Street Criminality is beyond naive :


I agree that Ford’s decision to end passenger cars is idiocy. Allowing your competition to own the low-end of the market means they will ultimately eat your high end :



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