Daily Reading #278

I have made very good progress in the programming project, so light reading.

Absolutely true, we are headed toward global totalitarianism. Way past time to get excited :



George Webb’s revelations wrt Iran and the nuclear trade in the Deep Black Swamp continue :

The banking collapse begins. When the economic downturn happens, banks reserves for losses will be inadequate, everyone knows that banking regulators have wanted more reserves for more than 10 years. Then banks will fail, and their stocks will crater :


The left gets some things right, but always has the wrong solutions. Same as all political groups. But the emphasis on the structure of society, independent of capitalism, is important. This article doesn’t discuss much about the current crony-capitalist system fostering giant organizations at the expense of everyone else :


I am still skeptical about the technology used in these brain scans. Last I read, a lot of this kind of work isn’t repeatable. More things to learn :


I like stories of local push-back :


I didn’t know much about Samuel Johnson. Interesting life and times :


Good to see our elites tried and punished for their crimes, even tho it took so very long. Now he will be let off because he is an old man :


This is brilliant understanding of what brains are all about. Neurosciences are making great progress at every level. This is the brain organization that results from the environmental challenge of needing to move and the physiological reality of noise in the nervous system. Very clever experiments.

This ties well to the book I read on how the brain creates emotion (can’t find it on my crowded shelves), but it will take some thought to tie it to Hofstadter’s ‘Surfaces and Essences’ view of the mind. Lots to think about, I need to read more of this Wolpert’s views :


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