Daily Reading #277

George Webb’s alternative to holding individuals, including members of Congress, to account for illegal acts in the US is to bomb Iran. He makes it clear our elites are unbelievably, amazing, horribly corrupt, and notes NOTHING IS BEING DONE about it. I agree wrt the problem, but can’t agree with bombing a sovereign country, tho I certainly see where Trump is coming from. Pretty clear why Irah’s Mullahs would be upset, and why Macron (ex-Rothschild banking) is trying to dissuade him about the treaty :

Louie Gohmert’s investigation of Robert Mueller’s background makes any objective observer doubt Mueller’s qualification for any responsible position. Abolish the FBI, it is entirely too centralized, too top-down controlled and too isolated from oversight :


I stopped using Google’s search when they began tailoring the results to the individual. After that, the search was not objective, and therefore not useful. Charles Hugh Smith nails this one :


‘Comprehensively lose their collective asses’ is the way I expressed the result of Ds or Rs pushing things to the point of revolt :


The ideal of every competent person carrying a concealed weapon advances. That will greatly reduce the need for police by minimizing crime :


Actual educational achievement from standardized tests shows that grade schools, high schools and colleges are seriously failing. As opposed to my kid’s dropping out after 7th grade to play games, watch Youtube and read books. He is light on math although he got through algebra and trig online, but excels in reading, writing and thinking, e.g. recently completing Taleb’s “Fooled by Randomness”, concepts from which he uses in conversation :


The second comment to this article is enlightening. It reveals how subsidies are key to Tesla’s sales :


They are liars, we know they are liars, they know we know. And the lying continues :


This confirms my thought that a major positive result of Trump’s cruise missile attacks on Syria is that the Russian’s Electronic Counter Measures were exposed. Note that 2 French ships had computer failures, and consider the consequences for WWIII :



The world’s poor were doing well for a while. Modi’s government changed things? :



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