Daily Reading #270a

I thought I lost this in a computer crash, just noticed I had backed it up. So, stuff I read last week.

The Saker’s view of Trumps’ attack on Syria, big picture :


George Webb support’s Q’s claim from month’s ago that Trump vs North Korea was Trump vs the CIA, the CIA is behind the NK’s weapons programs :

An excellent follow-on to yesterday’s WRSA question of whether the military and police will follow orders or the Constitution. Oath Keepers may be the correct mechanism, certainly there is and can be no internal mechanism for enforcing obedience to the Constitution :


Stockman doesn’t go nearly far enough. Abolish the standing army, cut the navy back to 1/10th of its size, mostly submarines, and eliminate the air force except for the small nuclear deterrence force. Then make militas responsible for security. Much cheaper and just as effective, we would soon be at the forefront of arms development again :


This analysis claims market collapses are an exponential function of the market size. No, because collapse means ‘decrease’, and you can’t decrease more than 100%. I can believe that the probability of collapse is an exponential function of number of products, as their are many linkages and each have their own failure modes. Complexities like that are generally expoential, and complexities are un-evaluated risks :


Eviction rates indicate we are in the midst of a major housing crisis. Rents have increased 70% since 1995, income has not increased at all :


We have not explored much of the earth, we should expect discoveries like this :


I once met one of the early lucid dream subjects :


More archaeology from early Greece :



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