Daily Reading #276

Very good progress in programming today.

Thinking about Iran and NKorea’s quest for nuclear weapons. Nuclear proliferation is an example of attempts to impose order producing the forces that undo that order. The Discordianism is again confirmed, the only empirically validated religion.

I don’t buy the idea of sociopaths being responsible for all of society’s ills. The Stanford Prison Experiment and many following show that ordinary people adopt the ethics and attitudes of the people around them :


Trump is ignorant, a fool, or once again made a brilliant move that exposed the realities of NWO political power. Perhaps all 3 :

The Deep Black Swamp is being revealed, one tidbit at a time :



Centrally-managed systems cannot be sustainable, as I have been saying since I first heard that phrase. Teacher’s pensions are this example :



World-wide inflation combine to make some real estate appreciate much faster than others :


Other countries clearly see what is happening to first-world managed economies. There is a lot of Venezuela in their futures :


George Webb continues an amazing string of connections, revelations and completely new taks on past facts :


Jake Morphonios is a solid analyst and great explainer :

More fallout from the DNC law suit against Wikileaks :


Our government lies to us :


Evolution requires variations to be combined. Here is a fashion and musical fusion :


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