Daily Reading #275

Good progress in programming, so not so much reading.

The next election is the decision point, it seems to me. If there is not very excellent progress in restoring rule of law and Constitutional government in the US as demonstrated by wide-spread arrest of Deep Black State actors, the political system will have failed to reform itself.

If targeted assassinations are good strategy for nation-states, they are good strategy for citizens taking back their governments. We citizens need to put together the information on people in the DBS who are fubaring our nation so they can be targeted if/when this reform effort fails :


More feedbacks that will make the next economic recession spiral into a world-wide Greater Depression. Stocks fall, dividends are cut, pension plans are already majorly underfunded and near having to cut pension payouts, businesses have borrowed far too much money buying back their stocks at the height of the market. All policies implemented by our far-sighted and wise ruling elites :


Yes, it is more and more obvious that our legacy media is absolutely controlled by the foreign policy-MIC in anything they are interested in :


George Webb reports that the people who package and serialize opioids for the Veterans Administration is from the company who makes the pills in Pakistan, and that this accounts for the high suicide rate and ‘accidental overdose’ among vets :

Anti-oxidants are one of the keys to preventing or reversing aging according to this study. OTOH, I think that the tests in animals have not shown much effect on longevity :



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