Daily Reading #272

I am making good progress in programming. I read more than I post here, have to stop trying to make notes on each, just post them.

I don’t agree with all of this, but definitely ‘yes’ to the trendline :


I hear more of this every year. We don’t need gold-backed currency, gold is just fine by itself. This is outstanding as a measure of the loss of confidence in the US :


Every day brings new unimaginable insanity. The DNC is on its last legs, its only asset is the Democrat’s being on all ballots. ‘Massive funding deficit’ is too good for them. A few days ago, I read that one of the Sandy Hook parents was suing some of the researchers for pain and suffering caused by the doubts wrt whether their child ever existed, must less was killed :



No question, Sessions is dirty, part of the Deep Black Swamp :


We no longer need to depend on legacy media and their polling organizations to know what our fellow citizens think :


Read this keeping in mind the number and status of the people who will hang if peace is allowed :


Malcom Gladwell tells a good story, here David and Goliath in context :


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