Daily Reading #271

Sessions is dirty, George Webb says he is part of the Senior Executive Service, the inner circle of people controlling government for the Deep Black Swamp. The major evidence for this is how difficult it is for a Republican Congress to get documents from the DOJ. The fact that it continues makes you think Trump doesn’t get good information, or doesn’t want it :


Media misleads about what Americans think, possibly their worst sin :


Using social media means providing information that will be used against you :


No question, Comey is very dirty :


And McCabe, tho it is taking a while to get around to Hillary and all the other members of the Clinton Cabal in the Deep Black Swamp :


And, a sitting President cannot be indicted for anything, by long-standing policy of the DOJ :

I have been following George Webb, tho I may not have always linked to his daily videos. Always, more connections are being made, more pieces of the puzzle :

Stockman is mostly correct. Independently of that, everyone I know who was a Trump supporter is in various stages of disillusion :


Prime Minister May’s husband makes $ from British foreign policy. A huge conflict of interest :


It is good to see more intelligent discussions of married sex, but those don’t seem to be between husbands and wives yet :


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