Daily Reading #26F

More pension failures are in our near future. Think about the consequences for the overall economy :


Poor government everywhere, here Haitian police kill many innocents on a college campus :


More indications of social breakdown, and it always hits the groups with the least power :


Western Rifle’s balanced and fair discussion of whether soldiers, officers and police will obey their oaths to uphold the Constitution as the government continues the repressive anti-Constitutional trends. Most will not obey the Constitution, of course :


This is excellent, a discussion of how minds differ along the autistic spectrum :


And another reminder of how very differently people can understand the world :


Britain has wasted its social resources on war, same as the US, so declining government services are the norm :


Another example of the convergence of political thought. Free speech gets its advocates from many places :


Interesting technology, tho it seems to me that it allows automated speech-to-text from a voiceless video, and that is the important point :


I did gardening and garage cleanup yesterday, missed George Webb. Great progress in understanding the Deep Black Swamp :

Bees are a problem world-wide, meaning we are fubaring the environment for human life :


So many amazing talents in our great world :

Best Inference Explanation explained :



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