Daily Reading #26E

Serious allergy season this year makes spring a low-energy time. Writing programs is easier than writing words. My new computer is awesome, just like all of my new computers over the years. New cars don’t have nearly the increases in power that computers do, for which we should be thankful, as none of us could handle that.

My program modifies itself in an evolutionary way. Debugging code created by code created by other code is a challenge, now matter how good the computer. Testing is near-instant, fortunately.

Robert Gore points out that had the Russians and Chinese chosen and implemented the optimal trap for the imperial power of the US, it would be exactly what our Israeli-Neocon oligarchs and Deep Black Swamp have pushed us into. I have long said that the Likhud’s militaristic policies will be the death of Israel :

Maybe the Russians Did It, by Robert Gore

I think Trump’s Presidency is a reality show being made. You know that the Russians were told about the strikes and targets in advance, otherwise the Pentagon might get a clue about how good the S400 anti-missile system is relative to our weapons, which could end careers.

Now we will see how the Deep Black Swamp reacts to Trump’s attack on Syria. But even money that Trump did it to them twice, he apparently caved in to the pressure at the same time as the fact of a false flag is ever-more in people’s thinking. The Israeli-Neocons wing of the Deep Black Swamp got their attack on Syria, but it didn’t turn out to be the major step toward WWIII they hoped for, and more people see the very dishonest system at work. I don’t think they are winning, but Trump still is. Trump hasn’t made dumb moves yet, however terrifying the words make the situation appear.

It is a hell of an act, a hell of a script. This is Trump’s reality made for TV. Very interesting time to be alive. The next big event to watch will be the many leftish commentators catching on to how they have been played ever since Trump got into politics.

I work at understanding this kind of thing, and can’t quite decide. Trump could still be incredibly lucky in decisions plus the first President who knew how to exploit the new media environment. Or plays a deeper game. I hope a lot of people are keeping careful notes inside the Trump admin, because serious world history is being made here, one way or the other. No wonder the Deep Black Swamp is going crazy, they are so obviously outplayed by Trump.

But no serious prosecutions yet. If the Clintons are not arrested by election day, Trump’s cause is lost, because the Ds will win in a landslide with the lowest voter turnout in US history :


This is a good analysis of Trump’s foreign policy completely contrary to my hopes :


But Trump is just one of many centers of power in the world, the UN is another, nearly conquered by the Deep Black Swamp :


An excellent example of why multiple institutions with overlapping roles is important. The OPCW is pursuing the ‘Syrian use of poison gas’ independently of the UN, which is more controlled by the US :


George Webb et all continue to astound, the connections and the temporal depth of the connections between major players in the CIA’s infiltration and crime operations indicate a big budget and long-term plan. All the false flags, etc. were obviously carefully planned. So far, their failure to anticipate the effects of the internet is the only major flaw in those plans :

Excellent summary of the Andrew McCabe saga and OIG’s report :


Tracy Beanz referenced in that McCabe summary, althought I had seen her first, has interesting thoughts wrt the Wiener laptop’s data and why the OIG hasn’t mentioned any of that :


Another piece on the context of the insane aggression of the US against Russia and Iran :


Trends in freedom are very bad, whether the current Deep Black Swamp is defeated or not :


Privatize the USPS! :



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