Daily Reading #26C

My reading list will be light for a few months, I hope, because I need to finish a program I have worked on a couple of years. My new computer is up to the load, so no more excuses.

These are more of the reasons the Deep Black Swamp needs WWIII so badly :


What is the justification for holding Julian Assange? He is doing journalism, by any measure at all. He has not been charged with anything, but the US and Britain want to bring him to the US for trial :


It is a race between the story unraveling so much that ordinary people catch on vs them getting WWIII going to distract the rubes :


Botox prevents you from empathizing :


Continuing work on the origins of eusociality, necessary to understand the how and why of human societies :


Codevilla is drawing incorrect conclusions from the evidence. If you want your military to be effective, you must test it continuously, with real tests. A higher-level of conclusion is that military empire always fails. So don’t have a military at all. We need to go back to militias. Switzerland does fine with militias, no reason the US couldn’t as well.


No kidding, we need to eliminate these people from our leadership. Plenty of both parties to be run out of town, it isn’t partisan :


This is another hopeful interpretation of the state of political play here in the US of A, Mid-April, 2018. This thinks that Trump is playing a deep game, collecting the evidence wrt all of the Deep Black Swamp players. I think so too, mostly. And also think it prudent to act as tho every political actor means every single word they say as well as to know they lie about everything. We absolutely should over-react to every threat against our liberties and push for war :


Deripaska is one of the Deep Black Swamp oligarchs, George Webb has referred to Deripaska many times over the last year or so. As soon as I heard about the expulsions and sanctions of the Russians, I thought it would be Trump eliminating the DBS’s cash flows :



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