Daily Reading #26B

The push to war is winning, it seems, despite having zero evidence for Assad’s role in or ‘the gas attack’ :




And the reasons, the drivers of this bit of history, every more clear. This is just amazing. There was an amazing criminal conspiracy, the Clinton’s were the first CIA Presidents. Arkanacides included JFK, Jr? :

Fox news is just another face of the Deep State in most of its ‘news’ :

Despite, or because of, Trump’s bomb-throwing style of government. If it delays the war one day, it will have been worthwhile. But, however the next few days work out, reading this makes me very happy I voted for Trump. These morons haven’t done anything to fulfill Trump’s campaign promises. Where is the swamp draining? Where are the deportations? Where are programs stopped in their importing of the CIA’s terrorists? Nothing changes, there are no investigative committees looking at the CIA’s infiltration of government.

Republicans can’t throw the Democrats out, but we can throw the Republicans out. If they can’t fulfill Trump’s promises, out with them! So we get the Democrats? Which would be different how? At least we will have clearly identified the enemy. What is very likely to happen in the next election is that the Democrats win by a landslide in the lowest turnout in US history, more than half stay home. Trump is doing all this his own self. Up to this point, we could believe our vote for Trump was a win vs Hillary. More war in Syria would make that hard to believe :


The latest False Flag attack in Syria with poison gas is merely the last in a very long series of well-documented events. FFs are very effective political tools :



More people understand the real source of the conflict :

Jeremy Corbyn’s Nazi Death Cult

Humans modify everything about our environment :


A system-level view of Facebook, et al’s business model :


More institutions being taken down by the Internet :



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