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Forget mortars, these are cheaper.

Did you read about the $1B ammo dump that was blown up by ISIS using a drone + hand grenade?

Do you suppose they are building up to a great culling of the population? Otherwise, I can’t see how any of this makes any sense. The number of underground shelters for the rich and powerful has grown a lot over the last 20 years, it seems to me.

The fact that we citizens do not control our government is all you need to know. Whether all this is yet another war scare or genuinely skirting the rela thing, and we can’t know which, means that it is way past time to end this government, the US  government is far too dangerous to us and the world. We can’t tell who is in control, but it sure ain’t us. And we aren’t the ones profiting from this terrible system we are forced to inhabit.

A list of different attitudes and points of view can be done for any group, small or large. Of course there are genetic and cultural differences between peoples, for which we must thank God every day! Without differences AND selection, there can be no evolution. Evolution with cultural blending vs devolution, the breakdown of a culture or decline of a genetic lineage. The mathematics of that is well-known, the failure of every government and lost species, they did not evolve as fast as the outside world. Every different point of view is important, the mixtures of ideas is always the path forward. This kind of shit degrades the conversation :



The first is not innocent good humor, I think, and the intent is revealed by Thierry Meyssan and Jake Morphonios. By their script shall ye know them, to invent a phrase. We are in the midst of a scripted march toward war. The most obvious false flags and the President’s responses show how completely out of control our government is become. The media obediently goes along, even RT doesn’t call out the White Helmets as the CIA-MI6-and assorted other mafias ‘neutral party’ to transport arms, fighters, drugs, girls and children through the embattled Syrians. A very profitable enterprise, for someone. Syria is being pillaged, this is entirely not in the interest of American citizens, entirely otherwise.

So the bombing or missiling of a Syrian AF base was carried out by Israel, and likely a probe of how good those Russian defense really are? My country is managed by completely insane people. I don’t see a big support for war among the people I talk to. I don’t think anyone on either side believes the average person on the other side, up to the small number who love the violence, believes violence is a possible win for the society. Yet the rhetoric on all sides is more strident by the day. No kidding, discussions of massacres of various ‘others’ are not always voted down. Do you know people who believe that is a good idea? I don’t.

Social media is a new medium. Printing presses, large-scale newspapers + the telegraph, radio, TV and now the internet were each the first change that opened a new era of civilization. Very often accompanied by wars that exhaust one side, perhaps all, and leave their society crippled in many ways. Every time, it appears that political forces understand the power of the new medium before the population developed a sound understanding of still-distant realities.

A generation or two pass, and the new normal is seen as the inevitable consequence of past heroism, militarism has overtaken your society. This recent veneration of veterans is another bad trend, more unthinking acceptance of the stasis quo, jammed down the political gullets of US citizens, fewer and fewer of us thinking we have any control.

That is the script. You can see it playing out in the mass media and the government decisions every day. The Deep Black Swamp needs chaos to advance its agenda, to create the conditions for the next centralization of their power. From a systems’ pov, it lives on the chaos, an emergent phenomena in the complex system our global society has become. Industries need customers and take care to foster them, arms industries need countries at war. The Deep Black Swamp uses the prohibitions of civilization to make $ and create wars. Bankers and fixers at all levels thrive. Politicians do what their sources of funding wish them to do.

The US government under law has become too small for the DBS. It is intent on smashing this last threat to its total control, bringing the entire US government under its control.

Not so long ago, I would have thought those the words of a raving lunatic. Watch George Webb, Jake Morphonios, Laura Loomer for a year, watch the themes of the legacy media stories bud, bloom and fade with never a confirming fact displayed, and you think it all obviously true. The only reality is what is leaked from inside the government and a parallel construction of public sources provided by outside researchers, lead by those personages and many others. The story that shows up in the NYTimes a year later is DBS-framed, accepting the government’s initial story on all topics and deleting all context. FOX is the closest to reality of the networks, and even they are generally one the side of liking the US to have enemies and painting the opposition in stereotypes.

This pollyanna view is not entirely wrong. It is positive stereotypes, just like the rest of the country using the negative versions. Every approach has positives and negatives and every significant program interacts with social and economic trends. California is increasingly a command economy. That advance of centralized control, year after year, ensures California’s failure. Other states will fail in their own ways. Not-yet-failed states will rebel against paying for their failures, for another round of $Ts in bailout money, which is what has caused this situation. California benefited from the bailouts, most states lost, on average. Thus the abandoned buildings all over America and the increasing heat of the rhetoric as people choose sides.

Dismal. The only peaceful possibility seems to me dissolution of the US of A. Back to counties, straighten things out bottom up. :

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What the trade and other wars are really about, long-term. Debt means future problems, including a declining population :


The secular transition is underway, and there is likely no way back. It is specifically why no Christian revival is going to save the country, and why a Christian society could only isolate itself enough to stop evolving in synchrony with the greater society by emulating the Amish. To keep your kids from becoming modern, you would have to prohibit modern communications devices, radio, tv, the internet. That means accepting a much lower standard of living, as the Amish have. Amish are not primitive, but nevertheless, producing a majority of your own food is a lot of work, even with modern machinery. The vegetables do not can themselves, the fruit do not sauce themselves, etc.

Religions can’t compete for attention against the wonders of modern communications. Peer to peer communications will gradually homogenize more and more of the world’s societies. Already fads cross national boundaries and every nation contributes to our world-wide civilization’s fast-growing public goods :


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