Daily Reading #260

As though Nuremberg never happened. The article is very wrong about the reason for the torture. They needed false confessions to bolster the 9/11 story, which was very weak and being widely doubted at the time :


The most obvious propaganda technique being used is “Pound the Frame”. The latest big frame is “The Russians Influenced The Elections”, here displayed very well :


I had 30 hives of bees when I was in high school. This is a great invention :


Jake Morphonios is a solid mind.  I may have to be more cynical wrt Donald Trump. Too bad, but I have been having more and more doubts since the election.

Otoh, while I can agree that the Rothschilds are a major force in the world, I don’t believe anyone controls everything, nor that anyone can foresee events. If someone had the $, supporting both sides is an excellent strategy, but so often a completely unexpected group wins. I have not studied the Rothschilds, so do not have an opinion, however attractive Jake makes that explanation for the world’s history appear. Other people of equally solid minds still believe Trump is playing a deep game against the Deep Black Swamp :

The best thing Russia could do is put a large number of their SAM installations into Iran. I believe they have already sold them the S-300s, which I believe can be upgraded to the S-400s. Russia could also make mutual defense treaties with Iran, and encourage China to do so also.

Again, we citizens have no control of our governments.

More from George Webb’s Crowd Mind investigation :

Ubiquitous surveillance does NOT work FOR our Deep Black Swamp, as they thought it would :

Facebook and Google and … are surveillance tools masquerading as social media, of course :


The push to war continues and continues and continues :



Luongo shares my view that Trump is playing a deep game. Reading tea leaves, we are :


An excellent side-effect of the political turmoil in DC is top positions are not being filled :


The very bad effect of abolishing the draft is that we have so few political leaders who have experienced war. They don’t grasp the fact that sniper training has gone far beyond WWII, nor how many people in the US have been trained as snipers, nor that the great majority of them do not favor the Deep Black Swamp nor their oligarchic wing. Too bad for them :


This has some good thoughts based on facts. OTOH, who can doubt China is closer to a normal government than it has been, that Communists will fail to maintain their control? Dictator-for-life is not stable, and is the end-game for the Chinese Communists, not a rejuvenation of their system. Consolidation of decision-making moves any system away from stability :


An interesting history of corporate rights :


This is an excellent account of the conditions which lead to the American rebellion/revolution and separation from Britain. Messy detail not contained in most history books. I have only read this last part, will try to get to the rest :


Academia “is not cut off from the world, but is constantly contaminating the world.” Very fun :


Look at one of the incentives for a corporate exec to go into government. Add in the fact that many go back to GS or join a law firm as rain maker or … and you can see that gov jobs are very desirable :


The US is obviously stupid in the ME. So why do we continue doubling down? There is a motive here I do not grasp :


This is good reporting, insight into the Ghouta ‘rebels’ and their MI6, Qatari, … patrons :


Capitalism is a self-organizing system :


No comment is necessary. Jordan Peterson vs some flake, essence of Jordan Peterson :


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