Daily Reading #25F

Yes, we are in the 1984 class of dystopian future, where information overload enables the propaganda to work. That is entirely because the legacy media are compliant in pushing the views of the elites :


Populism can use the media, same as anyone else :


Lead in gasoline is much more dangerous than previously suspected, accounting for 18% of  deaths in the US. Note the same sequence with mercury, first in amalgams and then in vaccines. They are still defending mercury in the vaccines despite one of the scientists on the CDC study that initially exonerated it confessing that they had to eliminate blacks in order to eliminate the significant ‘neural excitability’ effect. That was likely due to higher exposure to lead in the inner-city black population, with mercury adding to that :


Senior Executive Service is the corruption spread throughout the government.  I saw this in Webb’s series, but this bears repeating :

George Webb, who first brought up the SES aspect of the Deep Black Swamp’s control of the government, continues the investigation :

The US can only see the world in terms of military coercion, extremely negative-sum, especially for the people of the US of A, who have to pay for it. China and Russia have elegantly escaped that view, are playing positive-sum. Positive-sum beats negative-sum, because you can lose negative-sum games, remember? :


The push to war continues :






A standard result of war and the military’s selection of officers in the face of personnel shortages :


Free speech is in disfavor in the first world :



WaPo cannot deal with anything without the propaganda overlay. “No evidence vote totals were changed” is BS, they certainly were wherever electronic balloting was used, and the Stanford studies prove it. And are carefully ignored. This is more ‘Russia hacked the election’ nonsense, tho indeed, paper ballets are a part of an auditable system of voting :


As a measure of journalism’s accuracy, science reporting is excellent because it is uniformly terrible :


Good Discordian analysis. Organizing order produces the counter to that order :


John Robb is not entirely grounded, imho. This from WRSA. Two sides can play this game, and Delta Airlines, et all surely lose passengers as a result of dissing the NRA :


Decent encryption means no government entity can access your data, absent the key. That is the way it should be. Legally, we can deal with that because there is so much more meta-data available, that the context for the need for secrecy can’t be hidden. So decryption can be entirely voluntary, with the FACT of refusing to provide data a measure of guilt in the total context. Easy, but the laws need to change to support that :


Japan has a crime wave of elderly women who want to go to prison, the best of bad choices :


Seems to me to conflate 2 issues, public vs private ownership of land and free access to waterways. Private cleanups of old mines and etc are a failure of public land ownership, not a reason to fence off rivers. In England hikers have free access to any land. They make that work OK :


License plate readers and facial recognition everywhere. Totalitarian government! :


If we want to defeat ISIS, we should stop paying them. Nobody in any part of government can deal openly with the reality :


If NATO’s Turkish base is moved to Jordan, however will the CIA get its heroin processed? :


The interesting part of this is the Deal between Warren Buffet and Goldman-Sachs. Why? :


Given that CO2 levels have varied greatly in the ice core records of a few 100s of 1000s years, during which the Great Barrier Reef and other such ecosystems have persisted, there must be something missing in these analyses :


Human ancestry is deep and complex :



History keeps changing :



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