Daily Reading #25D

So the entire story about ‘The Russians Poisoned the Skripals” is bogus from the alleged poisons through any evidence that they were indeed poisoned :


Russian politics is as chaotic as the US’s version :


A no change election does not mean people don’t want change. Everyone in Russia wants change, even those who support Putin and he knows it. Good people everywhere are confused, they want to be inspired and have faith in their leaders and government. But republican, democrat. communist, nationalist, conservative, liberal, socialist, democratic socialist, all the signposts have lost their meaning. So, everyone is looking for the North Star, the sun to rise in the East or set in the West, the certain compass that the oldest woman in the village found many years ago and never let go of. In the meantime, the majority of Russians will vote for Putin.

OK, so Gina Haspel was not a torturer, exactly. I didn’t see any retraction about her destroying evidence of torture, the tapes. Besides which, she is CIA! Never give money or power the benefit of any doubt. She ran a black site, she is a war criminal by definition :


People farmed forests from the beginning :


More examples of unanticipated system-level effects from small changes :



Scientific American hypes everything. This was clearly known from studies of apes and birds :



Rand Paul is running for President, one assumes. Good speech in any case :



Newspaper chains have suffered from bad management in addition to all the other problems :


No kidding, Romney’s profession has destroyed American industry and other economic sectors :



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