Daily Reading #259

Blogging will be light for the next few weeks, I will miss days.

That and this next link from WRSA :


The empty saga of RussiaGate never stops :


From the Woodpile Report, more facts contradicting everything the gun=control advocates claim :


ISIS is being protected by US troops in Syria :


And intelligence services were careful to take enough criminals among the refugees so as to run the ratlines and also distract citizens from other gov misdeeds :


A documentary entitled “Yak Dung” grabbed my attention. Who knew it was such a versatile material? People adapt to harsh environments with no trees :

Maybe rural sheriffs are different than urban, but I note that the FBI has no problem finding sheriffs to cover up their murders :


Antifa and ISIS are good friends, I believe :


The Saudis, Israelis and probably allied governments spend far more to influence US policy, which includes elections, than Russia ever thought of :



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