Daily Reading #258

Rachel Maddow is the new Joseph McCarthy, except that McCarthy didn’t have the full weight of the CIA’s mighty Wurlitzer on his side, so Maddow is much more effective, even tho McCarthy had far more evidence against Stalinists in the government ranks than zero evidence the RussiaGate propagandists have been able to produce :


A good comment from a ZH article :


HockeyFool wildbad Mon, 03/05/2018 – 09:45 Permalink

Listen, if you haven’t figured out how President Trump works yet, let me spell it out to you.

-Trump says something “normie friendly” that he has no intention to do.
-Normies smile and go back to their sports/Netflix.
-Trump surrogates do the exact opposite of what he says.
-Democrats get cucked.

Every single time Trump says something “off-base” I see hundreds of these articles that say “TRUMP BETRAYAL,” etc, etc. And yet, every single time, I’ve yet to see Trump actually screw something up.

You get these professional pundits that are paid thousands of dollars, and yet, they still haven’t figured out Trump’s MO.

The little accomplishments slip through the cracks because everyone gets dragged through the mud by the media. Meanwhile, Trump is packing the lower courts with hardline consititutionalists.

Until Trump ACTUALLY ACTS on something that is unforgivable (gun regulations, breaking promises on immigration reform, etc) I will continue to be on the Trump Train. I know we are all used to politicians who stab us in the back, but have a little faith in the man. It’s better for morale.

This is how, increment by increment, the law is bent to privilege the oligarchs vs the citizens :


I hate the idea of military tribunals, am not sure about the legality, and otoh, the DOJ is not doing its job, to say the least. This is what QAnon has been preparing the world for, if he is legit. From the beginning, he was saying ‘trust the military’. George Webb has interpreted Marine One helicopter flights as symbolic aggression against centers of DBS control.

I haven’t looked at the legality of all this, but recall it was one of the alarming aspects of a Shrub or Obama bill extending the military’s reach into the US.

Too exciting, these times :



George Webb, et al :


Both China and Russia have worked to stop corruption and are thus ahead of the US in this important part of civilization :


If you wondered about why NASA hasn’t been back to the moon, it is because of idiocies like the space shuttle and incompetence like the $1B launch tower :


Money doesn’t make people happy because many don’t know how to use their money to produce happiness, falling into consumerism :


Our vaunted Intelligence Community doesn’t have the self-discipline to prevent rogues from bending the process to their own ends :


In case you missed it, gun bans don’t do anything to the crime rate :


Tiger management in India :


The situation in E. Ghouta is NOT what the media wish us to believe :


I love the alignment of interests in this :


To put this in context, what biologists are actually finding is that supposedly mating for life works in a lot of different ways, depending on food supply, etc. A couple of weeks ago I linked to a youtube of the Harris hawks I think it was, in the Mexican desert. Food is so scarce and the owl predators so serious that it takes more adults to raise the chicks. So they have multi-marriage. Obviously, people do the same :


This is mostly the Russian side of the problem in Syria, the options available to all parties. Clearly some intelligence agency is briefing these guys on all the scenarios they have worked through to set policy. Impressive, no doubt, but where are the statistics on their error rates? Better than the US’s failure rates, nearly 100% in the ME, except for the 100s of B’s that went into the Deep State coffers, minion’s pockets, including the Clintons, and into Hillary’s campaign.

Given that we are where we are in Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, … All of the countries in that region, in fact in the entire world, must just distrust the hell out of the US of A. The ‘international politics’ game the US and Israel have been playing make Leopold II’s moves in the Congo look civilized. The US has criminals in charge of major elements of the government cooperating with criminals in governments they have installed around the world, and the world isn’t coping well. Not US citizens, either :


Rolling Stone’s leftish take on Youtube shutting down Alex Jones, et al. Don’t tell me that Google doesn’t make money with Alex Jone’s channel and all the others. The alt-media get far more views than the average video on Youtube. Google just shows you the top, you have to search more specifically for the rest. This is excellent propaganda, makes their suppression of political thought they don’t approve of seem science-based, almost civilized. The new McCarthyism is here :


The evolution of cooperation. Well, at least cooperation in computer models with possibly true analogies to examples of biological evolution :


Sister Rosetta Tharpe, a gospel singer who played guitar so well as to influence Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley :


A couple of my comments on ZH the last few days :

No, it isn’t that simple. Positions have power and also obligations to the people who put you there.  The CIA put him there, same as Obama. Obama had a bit more independence.

That world is one of influence. You rarely get a final say, even as President.

So I have to keep excusing Trump, indeed he isn’t in control, and he shoots from the hip, both his strongest and weakest points. Evolution needs variation, we have not had enough different inputs into the system over the last few admins.

OTOH, the Republicans have the House and the Senate and the Presidency. There is no excuse for there being no prosecutions a year after the administration’s taking office. Coming up on a year after Sessions was confirmed, I think.

Either you are on the Deep Black Swamp’s side, or the Constitution’s side, there are no 3rd alternatives. So this election, we should vote out every Republican so as to afix blame for what happens next. With the sides clear, we can proceed.

Without prosecutions, Republicans are fig leaves, bandaids, facades hiding reality. And any honest Republican candidate would urge us to do that, they would like their party cleansed also.

The reality is our Deep Black Swamp intends to control the world via associated mafias that they strongly influence. Those mafias now include sections of the military leadership, including CIA and NSA. The CIA’s influence operations clearly control Congress. The Congress selected Sessions. The DOJ was already corrupted with Clinton’s SES operatives, same as most other government agencies.

What would you do? You can’t fire people easily, not at all easily. He can fire cabinet members only at political cost. So he tweets his frustrations that highlight, sometimes, the issues, and keeps pushing for political wins, even if merely facades.  And because he is shaking things up a lot, I think even his losses are good for the country. Every new topic is one for people to dig into and write about the corruption involved.

So I sympthize with Trump’s position, fault him for so often losing sight of the goal of beating the DBS, but will have no pity for Republicans if they fail to investigate, prosecute and punish the treasonous criminals in the DBS trying to rule us.


Exactly right, Communists were never a threat in this country, and aren’t now.

Yes, they own academia, yes the Progressive mindset is pervasive in our ruling classes, but no, the CIA isn’t communist.

The CIA, whatever its position in the Deep Black Swamp that is doing its best to take over the world and is now running scams of a size that boggles the mind, 9/11 -> 15 years of war in the ME, making huge profits every year, in addition to looting Libya, probably $500B they got out of that, is the only threat to the integrity of this country. Mere Progressives, we can handle.  Criminals are much harder, and criminals with secrecy stamps and special forces right up at the edge, they hang if they lose.

No, the left is not the primary enemy in this situation. No doubt some of them will be willing SJW cannon fodder in any shooting conflict, that is what the propaganda is aiming for.

If Donald Trump doesn’t get prosecutions going, the probability of shooting is high. And you know, a whole bunch of people think Progressives are the enemy. Generally, everyone owning guns, in fact, which fact they guaranteed by attacking the 2nd Amendment.

Progressives are the absolutely most amazing fools.  As dumb as were US Communists carefully ignoring all of the evidence wrt Stalin’s mass killings.

9/11 has peer-reviewed scientific evidence that the buildings were demolished with particular kinds of explosives used by the military in demolitions of exactly that kind. And they can’t look at it, their legacy media protects their delicate minds from facts.

They are being used. SJWs for this generations of powerful people with money, necessary for any civil war.

At least the conflagration will be well documented, so our descendents, if any, can learn the maximum wisdom from our folly.



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