Daily Reading #257

Farmed salmon is the most toxic food you can find in the grocery store, by 10X. This is quite a significant bit of research, a good documentary.

How long ago was it that the Chinese were castigated wrt melamine in baby formula and pet food, among other places. Really hard on Chinese babies, but it was the American pet lovers that caused the ruckus. And a great article in Unz I hadn’t linked to for a long time, which ends as

American journalists seemed to focus more attention on a half-dozen fatalities in China than they did on the premature deaths of as many as 500,000 of their fellow American citizens.

The inescapable conclusion is that in today’s world and in the opinion of our own media, American lives are quite cheap, unlike those in China.

That states the case very clearly. Our Deep Black Swamp uses false flags, attacks against Americans here at home as a tool for more political power, nobody in power seems to care about all of the tent cities in America.

This system is not working for people any more, it is working for the oligarchs, the already wealthy, the political, and the minions in the large-scale institutions the oligarchs control. We have a limited meritocracy, sometimes merit is necessary, sometimes not. If your kid wants to become an MD and he was a major donor to the hospital fund, I think he becomes an MD. That is before all of the fake credentials bestowed in the various DC accreditation scams funded by the CIA :



I find it easy to believe the long-term intent of the Deep Black Swamp’s thinking is to recreate the Spanish Revolution, really just any of the 60’s and early 70’s youth-lead political activist movements, they all morphed into authoritarian regimes. Yes, Antifa is just the brownshirts all over again, and the Millenials are just the newest politically-unsophisticated population to concentrate propaganda on, and they occupied the universities to spread their beliefs. OK, not the first time in civilization, and every previous generation has eventually been tamed and civilization resumed. Costly of lives and treasure and time-consuming, these renewals of civilization.

If you had half a brain, you would take your kids out of school and vote against every tax for public education. Public schools are not just a waste of our youth and our money, they are a waste of the culture. We have spent a long time getting our country up to the level of freedom that we had, life was good and getting better for the common man up to about 1960.  Education still worked, sort of. Government was no worse than normal :


We aren’t to this level yet, and I think that netapps to do this with Bunny Banger technology will arrive first :



In his last 3 videos, George gets back to something he has been hinting at for some time, namely that the plot to have Andrew McCabe take over the FBI has been long in the making and goes very deep. McCabe hired the Awans, a group of people based at Duke University have been working together to take over other institutions, McCabe was one of the people in the FBI. Teams of hackers to help individuals rise in their bureaucracies.

George’s stories have been ultra-wow for a long time. I have to start looking at videos critical of George. So far, it seems to me that each of the threads he has pulled have unraveled more of the story, and the story is of a total conspiracy far larger than anyone could have imagined. This is the largest fraud in the history of the world, the most sophisticated conspiracy in history, the culmination of the propagandist’s art.

That kind of conclusion is something that needs checked in every dimension, so more critiques. However, so far, among the critiques I have seen, George has the best position, wisdom, understanding, … George isn’t perfect, but humanity is damn lucky to have him.

It is clear that many lesser reporters have been killed for far less revealing stories, much less go into the connections between the scandals, the clear trail of a Deep Black Swamp of corruption with the power to defeat investigations, by any means necessary.

Why is George still alive? Can’t be the outrage, George’s videos don’t go above 20K most days.

There is still a lot of history to be known :


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