Daily Reading #256

I was just thinking about ratlines vs normal government operations. Local, retail drug operations have their low level members arrested frequently, the 2nd-tier that receives large shipments and re-distributes it to street-level dealers much less frequently, and the highest level people almost never. On the money laundering side, the big banks are caught sometimes, but that doesn’t matter, apparently, as it happens again and again for the same bank.

That is an impressive achievement, movement of 10s of $Bs of drugs into the US and through a distribution change with so few losses of drugs or people or money.

Compare that to the entire strategic intelligence of the US military. Bogged down in wars that do nothing for the country, however much they fatten the oligarch’s bank accounts. Major weapons systems don’t work, F-35 and all of the anti-missile systems. And now the evidence of the Russian’s efforts show those to be the least of the failures.

All of this happened in about 20 years, beginning with the dissolution of the USSR. From planet-wide top dog to all surface ships and air forces impotent. Also any anti-missile system, if we ever happen to develop one that could intercept last generation missiles. The Pentagon is a system so bound up in rules and regulations and standards that it is incompetent to do anything, much less reform itself.

And so we end as all empires do, maximum debt, maximum enemies, minimum defense, maximum internal problems. Wow, you have to be impressed with the results of modern university education, to have so well prepared us all to recognize this situation. And with the foresight of our intelligence organizations in the way they have worked to prevent this sad situation.

But the immediate danger, very large, is that the Israeli-Neocons always double down. This will begin a long series of brags as they try to fix the damage via propaganda, more spending on advanced projects (which technology they immediately sell to foreigners) and more anti-Russia and anti-China measures.

Just to do a bit of checking, are these weapons likely to be that good? Well, we have been getting all kinds of hints that our weapons systems weren’t doing well against Russian equipment in Syria. Remember the guided missile frigate in the Black Sea that the Russian electronic counter measures plane shut down a few years ago? Remember the 60+ cruise missiles that didn’t hit much? And the Israeli Air Force plane shot out of the air over Lebanon a week or so ago? Does Putin bluff much? If you are genuinely weak/strong is it better to over/under-state your capabilities?

This has been coming for years. Carrier battle groups have been very vulnerable to both submarines and to ICBMs with atomic warheads. Old tech diesel subs from the Chinese Navy surfaced in the middle of one of those battle groups a few years back. I kept reading about Chinese and Russian hypersonic missiles in development. Inertial navigation and automation keeps getting better. Tech for keeping in contact with remote systems despite jamming keeps getting better.

So, yes, I think all this is real, and this AM find a lot of comment agreeing with me. Not good PR for the DBS, a major wing of which is in the arms industry, the core of which is our vaunted multi-headed Intelligence Community. Losers, all :



More and more doubts about the Broward County Parkland school shooting. Another thing to make me skeptical of the Parkland school shooting is how fast they rolled out an obviously prepared gun control propaganda campaign, featuring students from that same high school. Big money and names are behind it.

9-11 shows our Deep Black Swamp is willing to sacrifice American lives in both intentional murders and foreign wars to achieve its ends, and their complete control of the media. Sandy Hook shows that at least one group of people in FEMA plans and executes these events, and that FEMA/DOJ can organize an entire State and school system to produce and coverup a Faux Flag event. (Although Sandy Hook doesn’t look like a normal town according to the people driving through. Spooky place, in fact.) Also the DBS’s complete control of legacy media, of course.

With those prior probabilities 100%, what do you think happened in Broward County?

Few sued in the 9-11 cases either, they were bought off by the victim’s compensation funds :



One aspect of this, which a civilization really shouldn’t need to re-learn, is that deep corruption means the system can no longer self-correct, and that the power needed to correct the system must be larger than any remaining power of the failing system. That is the dynamic driving revolutions. If you wish to avoid revolution, you must have a system which is scrupulously honest, you must work to keep it that way. Any tolerance of dishonesty will take you down.

Sessions is not an obstacle, fire him and appoint someone in Congress’s next recess. SOP, why does nobody grasp this?


George Webb Day 135 discusses MAVNI, which is the military’s visa program, another way to get people into the US :


From WRSA, this thread. The rhetoric is heating up on the side of patriots, again created by the completely outrageous propaganda campaign based on yet another mass murder, from which will inevitably follow a springtime of high school activists parading in front of TV cameras, leading into a summer of campaigning Democratic, and thus an election win and revival of the Democratic Party, currently moribund.

That is a fine plan, it seems to me, very nice campaign, and right when they need a distraction from the House and Senate investigations. A good combined arms of politics, their strength in image making and the media that amplify those, mobilizing activists, all adding to their attempts to impeach Trump. Whether a pivot away from AntiFa or an additional effort by Soros’s minions, it is a fine move. Was Trump’s cave on gun control a result of that pressure?

Our Deep Black Swamp has their first team on the problem of taking over the US, it would seem. They aren’t used to the new distributed reporting, research and analysis done in alt-news, and haven’t mastered running black ops in a world of ubiquitous automation with data collection, so this is still a close-run contest, imho. OTOH, if they manage to foment a shooting war, nobody should think it would be like any other in history nor that anyone can predict an outcome.

Trump still has a wild card, prosecutions, prosecutions of the Deep Black Swamp. I love the dynamics of each side forging the other’s tools as we march over the cliff :


Humanity reaches new levels of hypocracy practically daily. Israel denies that the Armenian genocide was at all similar to the Jewish genocide :


Having allowed the megabanks to become so mega, turns out they don’t have a plan to deal with megafailures. Not that that is sensible, either. Mega should not be allowed. Mega is easily corrupted.

I don’t know how corporate law needs changed, but it seems to me that no company should allow itself to have more than 10% of any market. More means you aren’t innovating and competing, and so are more likely to be surprised by some change that knocks out a large share of your business. Anti-fragile risk management means staying relatively small and innovative across a wider range of businesses.

Of course, many business books preach the exact opposite of that. Also any other thing anyone thinks of, so we know this is a high-dimension decision problem :


Mueller is part of the Deep Black Swamp, of course :


Wolves have culture too. At least individual habits that are learned by offspring :



Better diagnoses of diabetes :


Active portfolio management is a zero-sum game. You can lose at those if the management costs are above $0.00. Even being Harvard and having access to the most successful alumni investment talen, they under-performed the market. Awesome, they must be so proud :


We have learned nothing from the Portuguese experience. For God’s sake, legalize them all. How can we go on this way, 80+ years after it became obvious that making drugs illegal multiplies harm in modern societies? And that there were no examples of successes in older societies? It is as though our affairs are ordered for some goal we are not aware of :


We have debtor’s prisons and a court system that uses them. Behind the scenes is the fact that prisons are profit-making enterprises, public or private :


For a long time, I have said that we should be treating illegal drug users as lab rats. Turns out that Ketamine is an anti-depressant, which we could have known by sorting the lab rats by what they choose to take :


The problem of rape by Muslims could be easily solved as the Koreans solved the problem of rape by American soldiers, just round up enough German teens and put them into brothels :



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