Daily Reading #255

The Russians continue to dictate terms in Syria. Excellent, and this will soon put the Israelis in check :



Day 500 in George Webb’s new numbering system. This begins summaries of events since June 2017 :


This is wonderful. This is another analysis of the official crime scene photos of the Sandy Hook ‘mass murder’ hoax. This guy spent some time on them and lists all of the anomalies across the set of photos. Laughable stupidity in setting up the scenes, FEMA hires the mentally handicapped exclusively. The instance that takes the cake is the ‘bullet holes’, obviously drilled from the outside. 3 in a row are absolutely horizontal in exactly the same direction. Adam Lanza, a boy who never lived was one hell of a shot.

The 2nd of these is Wolfgang Halbig, one of the serious investigators of Sandy Hook, discussing anomalies in the Broward County (I am growing to believe) faux killings. Among other things, none of the 14 parents have filed suit against the school district for the many stupidities.

The third of these is Halbig discussing the case wrt Lenny Posner, a ‘Sandy Hook parent of a child killed in the massacre’, who seems to be the person charged with fending off the investigations.

The 4th is another investigator tracking the various people who were part of the Sandy Hook hoax. More lies designed to mislead. Nobody died at Sandy Hook :





Ralph Nader with a view of American history for which I didn’t have a template in my mind. I have to read that again. First take : I very much agree about finance, think he has unbalanced views on much of mass production, which requires a legal entity independent of any individual and capital. Yes, those could be cooperatives, tho I don’t know enough corporate law and this history to know more than that. I agree on the modern power of corporations and entities behind those and how those have helped produce this sad state of civilization. Nader restates Thomas Jefferson’s view, updated 75 years to the 1850s-80s, with a modern socialist slant. True, things stop working when they aren’t local :



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