Daily Reading #254

The Deep Black Swamp is the existential threat to the US of A, my country. No other country in the world can invade this country and win. No other country can attack us with nuclear weapons or bioweapons and themselves survive, so US foreign policy only need avoid nuclear war. How hard can that be?

So draining the swamp is the nation’s highest priority, as the CIA’s coup and infiltration and compromise of the entire world society continues apace. This is the task we elected Trump to perform.

In this effort, either the Congressional Republicans are part of draining the swamp, or they are the swamp. There are no other choices.

So this is an choice for Republicans running for Congress : Either we have indictments and serious wide-spread special prosecutor investigations on Nov 6, 2018, or I will, and believe we all should, vote for any alternatives, even vote a straight Democratic ticket. Not a single vote for Republicans, they have spurned the opportunity to remain in power.

An opportunity we gave them when we gave them Trump and the House and Senate.

OK, the Deep Black Swamp will have control. They already do, and nothing Trump or the Congress have done is slowing the coup, the infiltration or the compromise operations.

So we will remove all of the fig leaves, if fig leaves the Republicans prove themselves to be. Clarifying the picture of the enemy, fixing responsibility for problems, ripping the badaid off, is a strategically-sound move, this would not be a sacrifice in any dimension.

‘Skilled strategic spoiler’ is different than ‘playing the hand you were dealt very well’ how? :


The MIC is a major element of the oligarchic’s control of the system, at best a shallow spot in the Deep Black Swamp :


The ways to mis-use the web’s facilities are very many.  This is using Google as a money laundering service :


I need to watch Abbie Martin more. Very intelligent, very insightful, and with such a strong leftish bias that it makes it hard to listen even when she is on a relatively neutral topic :


George Webb continues to amaze with his investigations.s This is Day 132, and brings in AQ Khan. Diplomatic containers, the high-end centrifuges that the FBI section of the Deep Black Swamp run through AQ Khan. The money goes through Congress by seniority, of course. Remember the suitcases of money delivered to Republican House Leader Dennis Hastert? Some of that money was drugs, some all the other ratline’s take :


The Atlantic has a good article on ‘gun culture’, the NRA does not lead US gun owners, contrary to the left. Atlantic don’t like my ad blocker, but they display the entire article before shutting it down. Your browser can copy the article in that time, Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C in mine, then Ctrl-V to paste it into another tab or the email’s ‘compose’ window :

<a href=”https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/02/gun-culture/554351/”>https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/02/gun-culture/554351/</a&gt;


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