Republican’s Last Chance

Republicans, we have given you a last chance. We gave you control of Congress. We gave you Donald Trump, and told him to a) drain the swamp, b) end the wars, c) control immigration.

He is doing OK on immigration, no thanks to the Republican Congress.

He is doing shit on wars and draining the Deep Black Swamp, all due to the Republican Congress.

So here is my pledge. Either Hillary Clinton and her many co-conspirators in the DBS have been charged and arrested before November 6, 2018, or I don’t vote for Republicans. In fact, it is time to end this farce and clean out the entire Republican contingent in Congress, so I am voting a straight Democratic ticket. If we do that, they will impeach Donald Trump.

Yes, that will turn government over to the DBS.

Fine, the sides will be clear. Then either we survive until 2020, and sweep in a new Republican Party or new Libertarian Party with the mandate to clean the rot out of this system, or the DBS overreaches dramatically enough that we can get on with the shooting revolution.

The opportunity to reform the system we gave Republicans is being spurned. DBS is still in control. The coup continues, the statutes of limitations run out on their many crimes.

More of the same is not an option.

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