Daily Reading #253

I was just thinking about the continuing insane propaganda assault on Donald Trump. The newest iteration is that Trump knew, and somehow assisted in, delivering the emails stolen from the DNC by the Russians.

Dealing with this factually, the lack of proportion is unreal. Long investigations by the highly motivated entire media and intelligence apparatuses of the world combined with prosecutions by his least scrupulous political opponents have not yet produced charges against Trump. In Hillary Clinton’s case, anemic investigations and null prosecutions have nevertheless required great effort to cover up by her allies.

At this point in history, Donald Trump is either the cleanest US President ever, or there is a power far beyond that of the Deep Black Swamp.

But it doesn’t matter, this is a propaganda war. This is a PR effort of great scope and depth. I put this in a comment on ZH today :

It is as if they are intentionally strewing red pills everywhere.

But they are smarter than that and have more experience in manipulating public opinion wrt scandals, remember this the entire CIA’s mind control section working on this, so what is the real reason for all the red pills?

At this point, any rational player in the Deep Black Swamp leadership has to assume they are going to lose badly in the court of public opinion unless they have a long-term counter-story.

‘Long-term’ means ‘simple’. It doesn’t even have to be good, Hitler’s “Germany was stabbed in the back by the Jews” had no evidence either. Just good enough that all of your minions can believe it. “Israel belongs to modern Jews because King David once ruled it” is another example.

I think they are doing damn fine with accusing Trump of collusion with Russians. The story never stops, and our legacy media ensure that Twain’s “Lies go around the world while the Truth is getting its shoes on” is more true than ever. The false stories are never corrected, and NPR, CNN, WaPo, NYT and MSNBC assume a false frame for every story that involves the President or any of his associates.

It is a powerful group assaulting Trump in a political game worth trillions to the winner, and only social media and alt-media oppose them.

Way past time to march. People power is the way to handle this.

The only thing to add to that comment is that every discrepancy between the frame and people’s good sense and mental store of counter-facts is another red pill. Trump’s numbers keep rising, so we might be doing something right but we are still a long way from taking this government back into honest and law-abiding citizen’s hands.

While legacy media, now including (how farsighted the CIA has been, all of the investments in Google, FB etc, infiltration of their management) has its control of people’s minds, it is still a horse race. Now the economy gets bad, of course, and who knows what happens next?

This war is a long way from done, however hopeful Qanon tries to make us.  They need big distractions, ISIS attacks, Russian-supported ISIS attacks, even. I remind everyone that false flags have been their most reliable tools, the wars that 9-11 prompted are still with us 15+ years later. As are the many Deep State minions that enabled 9-11, executed it and covered it up. The ones who will hang if peace is allowed. The specialists in false flags and takeovers of governments.

Way past time to march. Make it an anti-Deep Black Swamp march, protest corruption. Prohibit any political and social messages except anti-corruption. That doesn’t give Antifa any excuse to attack. Corruption is their weak spot, we should hammer on it.

Adam Kokesh is a LP candidate for President of the US. His entire platform is shutting down the US government. reverting to 50 states and the native independent nations. I like this very much, but he doesn’t have a chance, of course. The LP became controlled opposition before the last election, just like the Dems and Repubs :


George Webb day 131.4 :

Catching up on processor and GPU tech, as I am thinking of buying a new MB :


The weather has been very different. So that CME a few weeks ago heated the atmosphere, and presto, the N Pole keeps getting warm. We don’t have a long enough timeline in the stratosphere’s temperature to have a clue about what all this means :


More evidence that long periods of relative isolation of populations produce vigorous hybrids when they meet and mate. I think that is accumulating evidence as more and more species and strains are genotyped, and will be an important principle in evolution and breeding :


Apple’s iPhones are not secure, it seems. Of course, this could be someone doing a sophisticated PR campaign to knock a competitor out of bidding for a contract :


I stole this from NakedCapitalism. Human minds are more sophisticated than macaques, so nothing for us to worry about :

Advertising: “Rhesus macaques form preferences for brand logos through sex and social status based advertising” [PLOS]. “Our results show that monkeys form preferences for brand logos repeatedly paired with images of macaque genitals and high status monkeys.”

Denial of service attacks are increasing in sophistication, just another manifestation of the inherently-poor security of systems and networks. That is, neither Windows nor Internet Protocol were designed and constructed with security at the core. It turns out that security cannot be added later, it must be integral from the beginning :


Antidepressants work poorly and have high risks. Don’t take them until all other options have been exhausted, e.g. exercise and sex :



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