Daily Reading #252

We are indeed winning. CNN is shrinking, and a few individuals on Youtube have larger audiences. Overall, alt-news is far larger than the TV audience :


After I wrote that, I found this. The Democratic establishment explains Trump’s consistent winning by thinking Trump is very, very lucky. Both parties are the stupid party, but the Rs got lucky last campaign and the voters gave them another chance. No sign they understand that :


The same kind of things were being said about Iraq before the invasion. People were marching in the streets, lots of letters, polls, etc. all against the war. Bush and Cheney did it anyway :


George Webb today. The next Nunes memo, the 2nd of many. The 2nd continues George’s look at the Krylova and Carter Page connections. You have to say, it was a deep plan, long-term, with elements assigned to corrupting Congressmen and associates before they get to DC. Whoever did the planning, elements move back and forth between Hillary’s campaigns, State Dept, private business interests, … :



I assume this means the CIA and Mossad use a lot of fake passports :


Homelessness is a disaster BEFORE we fall into the world-wide Greater Depression :


Magnetic clutches are a cool tech :


I keep getting new strange humor presented by Youtube :


Friends in the radiology section of the medical world say this describes their experience :


Some indication that Palmdale’s shooting was a false flag, not a hoax :



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