Daily Reading #251


So Seals attack the wrong village, which thinks Houthis are raiding them and so fights back. Seals call in gunships, and many women and children are killed. Pentagon claims a great success against Al Qaeda. One intrepid woman reports the truth. With enough FOIAs we may some day get the information from the Pentagon to know how they made such a mistake :


NPR is the Nuclear Posture Review. It is a justification for spending $1T to upgrade our inventory of nuclear weapons and has the effect of lowering the threshold and increasing the number of military commanders with the power to order their use. Insane  :


Russell Means points out that what goes around comes around, and the fact that the US Constitution has a strong input from Indian law. The Whiteman is the New Indian. Well spoken, good history, good grasp of reality and an alternate paradigm for governing yourself. Excellent. Not left, not right, not feminist, anti-hierarchical, local, local, local :

NRA must have some members who are teachers in CA.  CA has this small problem of many sheriffs not having a mechanism for applying for a concealed carry permit. If NRA had any brains at all, they would cite this and begin a PR campaign to get such working in every country. After all, the CA Supreme Court has mandated it twice, so it is past time.

I love the way all of their False Flags (Palmdale case isn’t clear yet, but I hereby bet it was a full false flag, no deaths) backfire and spread guns and gun culture. The internet has done this for us by giving individuals bigger voices :





Another person Youtube presented me with. He looks realer than the usual choices I get from YT, tho recently I had the choice of a George Webb video. I guess their algorithms have to work some %age of the time, or they lose the audience. Watch, they are going to choose losing the audience. Their most interesting channels are being banned :

Nothing much to disagree with this until way down at the bottom they include Hillary Clinton in the list of people who have been so falsely accused :


From WRSA. Consideration of ‘what is propaganda for you?’ Turns out, people don’t identify propaganda if they agree with it, fish and water :


Today I read a long article by the Archdruid that used Nell, Snidley and Dudley and the simple storyline they always transited as an anlogy for how activists interact with ‘the system’. I didn’t link to it because, clever as he always is, he does go on at length, high speed skimming is required. Which reminded me to watch a few Dudley DoRights :

This concept is inspiring to me. I hope the reality matches the image :

I have not finished watching this yet, but it seems solid. At 1:01:00 he talks about an ‘umbrella op’, which has multiple black ops running at the same time, only the higher-ups know them all, the lower levels don’t. That just after I speculated that Las Vegas could be two ops happening at the same time, and that is why no one can make sense of it as one op. Of course, it still isn’t easy.

If anything, Snodgres is too good. Very polished, this guy has said this stuff a lot and does it very well. I don’t disagree with anything he says, but he is just too good. There is a lot of con man in this man, this is gospel tent stuff. I think it plausible, but mostly because I can’t evaluate any of what he claims, and want to believe him. He claims a lot of very specific things, so when I see people who know that kind of stuff and evaluate it in enough details to know he is honest, we can be sure.

John B. Wells speaks plainly just after that. Time to take the country back. Love the message, seriously doubt some of the messenger’s story. Just too good. But maybe I don’t know the right kind of people, autistic mentat as I try to be.

That is exactly my problem. My problem with them, I mean. They go off into religion and moralizing about whether you should do evil. I agree with all of that, but it doesn’t do more than make everybody feel superior. Without the following “here is what I am doing to combat this evil, to make myself a superior person. What are you doing?” it doesn’t change anything that will ultimately transform the world.

So people go on hating Mexicans, etc. Even those people don’t, and the important political constituencies are not converging as fast as they should be. So, while I empathize, I didn’t watch this past 1:35:06 because the information density is too low. Hearing about how the CIA worked was new and useful, and as for the rest of it, I don’t need to be moved, I got all this long ago.

We have been governed by the bad guys for a long time, and lately they went insane and showed their hand in too obvious ways, 1993 NYC WTC bombing, the OKC bombing, 9/11 and Sand Hook. Right along with that the intensity of the propaganda has become so obvious it is red-pilling people all on its own. I don’t know where all this is taking my kid’s future, but it doesn’t look good for him or the country.

We need everyone to understand the message. It would help to know how true it is. OK, probably true, I see him interviewed by all of the top interviewers :


OK, Elon Musk is a hacker, his car is too complex, they don’t have standard processes and thus no quality. Add the fact that the infrastructure for electric cars is thin on the ground, and I don’t see the future of electric cars outside of cities being bright. Trucks are behind that, 1000 amps is a lot of current.


When there is more than enough food to go around, animals don’t need the character to fight with their fellows. The conversion can happen quickly, e.g. the baboons that lost all the dominant males at the same time. I liked to that sometime last year :


Ibn Battuta was a serious traveler in the 1300s. He was wealthy and educated, so first class travel. There was a Portugese sailor, Mendez Pinto, who did that much traveling steerage and often in slavery.



Obvious PR from the unions, and otoh, it is exactly what happens in inflationary episodes :



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