Daily Reading #250

Jake Morphonios is a very fine investigator and reporter. Far better than any mainstream or even talk radio commentator. This puts paid to the J. E. Hoover story, that was disinfo. This exposes the FBI as a major player in all this, we just don’t know what was going on.

I was temporarily fooled by Hoover, tho I always  sources provisionally, and had second thoughts nearly immediately.  I didn’t do the research, assumed Jason Goodman had better sense.

But, look how fast the genuine researchers take care of the problem. Our internet analysis group mind is growing daily :

OK so the Parkland Fl school shooting has BS aspects. Faux or false flag or whatever, too many of the details show foreknowledge and planning. Fetzer thinks ALL of the recent shootings have been fake, including the Texas church massacre. Seems impossible, but certainly the cases I looked at showed very clearly the difference between real killings and all of the questionable cases in the amount of data given to the public by the police officials involved. Also, Fetzer has been on top of these, he has been a leading researcher on 9/11 and Sandy Hook, and was one of the first to diagnose the Boston Marathon Bombing as a false flag, which it obviously was by many analyses.

Certainly it is very obvious that they had an entire PR campaign ready to go :

The RussiaGate insanity, paranoia, is a fine proof that America’s media have become Deep Black Swamp’s propaganda organ :


The microbiome includes phages and other viruses :

Ancient crops in America :


Archaeology has the problem of older things being rarer, so their hypotheses based on known evidence are biased conservative. But there are more and more examples of peoples doing every new and innovative thing in the archaeological record earlier than previously known every year. Overall, it takes more time than known to evolve a human species and the cultural knowledge than previously realized :


Mass Mortality Events in nature, interactions of species, microbes and weather. They blame climate change, of course :


This discusses how scientists make decisions, some of which may be dangerous. It is a special case of the commons problem :


Horses were an early herded animal :


You have to see this as an example of how powerful the evolutionary effects of mixing cultures and bloodlines are. This step is dependent on garbage dumps and already-domesticated dogs, but the point is how fast this happened after all those came together. Just a blink in evolutionary time, a new symbiosis to better exploit the new environment. Symbiosis like the lichen, but only if both species can go on breeding while benefiting each other. Otherwise it is like ants enslaving other ants, a variety of predation.

Either way, it happened real fast.  Popular anthropology, at least, what I see, says that anthropologists don’t see change like that and certainly don’t assume this kind of speed is possible  :


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