Daily Reading #24F

Not only did nobody die at Sandy Hook, the ‘grieving parents’, the Sandy Hook bureaucracies and the Connecticut bureaucracies got rich, more than $45M in donations and federal assistance :


I read of starvation in Venezuela every day. Just yesterday, a claim of children of 2 in a rural province so starved as to appear to be a new-born, which I thought was very unlikely. OTOH, 13,000% inflation can’t be good for ordinary poor people :


Candace Owens on the Rubin Report. There are a lot of new young voices coming up on Youtube. Being a Youtube channel is the new way into public prominence, especially when combined with a journalism and political career. If you don’t need massive money for advertising, maybe you won’t be so beholden to oligarchs after you are elected? We can hope. I haven’t watched this young woman long enough to have an opinion about her views or adherence to external reality, but she certainly is an example of the political realignment that I see happening.

So I watched a 2nd video, she is solid. Very excellent, in fact. This country is going to be OK, there is a big change in thinking happen. We need that anti-bullying project, I wonder how that tech would work? People can do it in some cases, so I assume NSA can also do it, but I don’t know more than that.

The discussion includes a lot of data on how the legacy media work as part of the total propaganda machine, how very directed it is, how Twitter, FB, Google, etc. are very much part of the machine. It is a great example of how far the US is post-racist. We don’t have much prejudice in this country, absolute measures, much less historical or relative to other nations measures.

Also, a good description of how the social media works to bring these voices up from the ranks, despite the best efforts of Twitter, etc. Discussion of the Red Pill epiphany. There is more than a bit of elitism in Candace, disappointing. So Candice is not deep, but she is young and has good values. She may go far :



George Webb today has information wrt Putin’s liking for young Russian gymnasts. Lots of information on Broward County, the focus of Russian organized crime in America, and how the Russian child and sex trafficking works there :



Jason Goodman and Mr. Hudson. Interesting discussion. The question of the US Navy destroyers crashing into tankers seems to be whether the Navy is still competent or not. The Navy Brass, the Pacific Fleet admirals who have been implicated in the Fat Leonard scandal, says they are overstressed. Outsiders say that isn’t sufficient explanation for 4 in such close temporal proximity and point to other possible explanations. More discussions of Q,Hudson is as skeptical as I am. Interesting to see all of the evaluations, but there is at least as much rational behavior in pursuit of understanding external reality as happens in science.

If the various people of the Youtube’s alt-media would quickly get over their snits with each other and stop obsessing on all of it, we would make a lot more progress. Nevertheless, it isn’t different than what I saw in academic science. Including the repeated calls here for getting over the petty BS and on with the investigations and collaborations intermittent with the bitching and obsessing :


Statistical analysis of rainfall patterns of 30 year averages shows “Only 14 per cent of the global landmass showed, with 90 per cent confidence, increases or decreases in precipitation outside natural variation” .10 ignificance is generous, scientific studies normally require at least .05 and really prefer .01 significance, 99% confidence the 2 populations have different means.

It is really significant that weather variation averaged over 30 year periods is random :

Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2018-02-rainfall-natural-variation-climate.html#jCp:


This is not exactly science reporting, but interesting human-octopus interactions. Evidence builds that intelligences recognize each other. Evidence is solid for both empathy and gratitude across species boundaries, it seems to me. :


I grew up near one of the Ohio canals :


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