Daily Reading #24C

This is the Saker talking to Catherine Fitts. Very excellent. Tribalism is necessary when running international criminal operations and artificial tribalism in bureaucracies ditto. This is an excellent discussion of ethnic and religious groups interacting with the wider society. Very good thinking on both sides.

The top few % of Jews control enough of the rest to warp all discussions to their own ends. Lots of criminals in that top few %, same as all ethnic groups, including US elites.

I have to listen to Fitts more.

The Saker’s view is that the US is in deep, deep, deep crisis, the weakness of the executive is why the departments have divergent policies. Neocons are ‘ideologically intoxicated’. The order has broken down. “I’m frightened” was his summary of the correlation of forces inside the Trump administration. Anglo-Zionist Empire has failed.

The US order is incapable of reforming itself, chaos and collapse are necessary to allow the necessary reforms :


This is certainly confirmation of some of The Saker’s views. “Is the left eating itself?” Good analysis by the Evergreen College biology professor :


Given the long, long, long trail of evidence, the only thing surprising about the CIA now being seen to be the cause of our many corruptions is that it has taken so long. Daniel Hopsicker is a name to remember, he has been tracking the CIA and its crimes for more than 10 years. Lucky to be alive :


This is an inspiring story, people organizing themselves around the earth to do science :


I have been trying to watch Hannity just to see if any Legacy Media does real news, what people are seeing.  This is idiocy. Hannity hasn’t even caught on that it wasn’t an attempt to sway an election there at 55 Savushkina Street, it was a peer-to-peer advertising scheme using sock puppets, easy to use by anyone for any reason.  Likely the CIA is behind whatever pro-Trump PR they did just so they could have a year of this kind of headlines.

It is certainly the CIA behind the Steele dossier’s info, not Russian, there are no links to Russia behind Steele’s background, and he hadn’t been in Russia for a long time, his claims of Russian contacts aren’t credible. So the competence or researchers and analysts in major news organizations is far less than the internet equivalent, or biased also, just a different direction :

Hardly different than the NYTimes :


More indications that the top levels of the Pentagon understand how rotten are the political systems they kill for :


Someone has futures in cryptocoins. Bitcoin got its start with illegal things bought over the internet. Credit cards won’t buy drugs overseas, so more use of Bitcoin. Weed shops in the US can’t use banks, … Add guns to that, and :

George Webb continues his investigations. George is a good guy :



If   people were honest about their country’s and culture’s histories, all would admit that they have been seriously uncivilized even in very recent times. Yesterday, in many cases. Good comments :


Electronic neural nets are primitive as compared to natural neural networks :


There is so much innovation going on in weapons.  They call this a machine gun, but it is really a directional mine :



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