Daily Reading #24B

Great Memes :


I swear, I thought it was a cooking show! :

The further reaches of the leftish intelligencia are catching on faster than the center. Steven Cohen explores the evidence that Russia had nothing to do with the Steele Dossier, that it was entirely a product of intelligence agencies, that this has been a large CIA psyop designed to hold on to their power base in the White House. And by implications ditto to many other manifestations of insanity in our national life since the JFK assassination.

OK, Cohen doesn’t quite say it that way, but I did not distort the import at all :


Juan Cole knows his stuff wrt the ME, this is excellent review of the recent Qatar vs SA dustup. Cole is not different than other academics when discussing US politics. It is easier to be objective about others, I guess :


Every country is far along in doing this, it is the big push behind AI, so that AIs can run through web sites like this and comment streams on ZH and give everyone a score as to their worth/reliability in all dimensions they can assess. That is exactly the technology that Google uses to analyze emails that you send and streams you receive. The NSA must have that or better, Google being a CIA/NSA investment way back when and the NSA replicating all of the world’s fiber optic links to Utah and the server farm there. What else is it doing? They say they are only looking at the terrorist’s traffic, non-citizens, but that is the same as Google’s claim they don’t look at email. Depends on what you think ‘look’ is, whether only people can look or whether their algorithms are looking also.

OK, lets do that in reverse, just to check their reasoning against the reality. So we run all of the NSA and CIA communications traffic through systems that exactly copy theirs, only we get to define the key words and sets of key words that make up the analyses of categories. We see John Brennan’s thinking and information flows only through our filters of with their traffic and their filtering engines. Also, we get to change our key words as our understanding changes.

None of them would agree to that. Add the ability to do that retroactively, and everything would be known sooner or later. The Feds are anxious to get just the headers of emails and just the who-called-who from everyone, the NSA’s metadata extraction is far beyond that.

I don’t agree, either, because they won’t agree. Back inside the Constitution with you :


More data that is not in the climate models, and could well make a crucial difference :


I had somehow not noticed this cryptocurrency-based-on-commodities idea. Unless it cuts costs of paperwork and verification of the reality behind the paperwork, I don’t see how it helps :


I didn’t completely solve that problem, but I at least allowed random audits by outsiders of coins, bars, … things that don’t change and aren’t otherwise used :


This is one of those wtf? things. How can delivering 1000s of cars with the same VIN do anyone any good? And how did that feature request make it through the bureaucracy? :


Thinking about the cryptocoin market and having the huge advantage of knowing that the Times article must be wrong, it seems to me that the only question is what price you want to get started at. So decide how much money you are willing to lose, and buy your best estimate of long term worth, one that seems to have value. After that, if your choice is as solid long-term as you believe, price fluctuations will allow you to get out clean, with a toehold in the cryptocoin economy.

Now that you are in and clean, the only smart trades are to trade one for another in a long-term strategy.

I don’t know what a long-term strategy is in a new market. In fact, I don’t even know of an analogy to a cryptocurrency in history. It isn’t entirely a mania and isn’t driven by fraud, but also is not yet of wide-enough importance in any economy so people have a measure of its value.

I linked to an article on rates of adoption of new technologies this week, it is going exponential. 10 years from significant smart phone sales, half of the world has them, or some such amazing number. The keys were the utility and the cost and phone companies being good at making profits.

I don’t know how to tell a mania from a very rapid rate of adoption of a cheap, easy amazingly useful payment method. Long-term, no doubt very useful. Very likely allowing devolution in the financial world, a lessening of risk and the organizations that cause those, are those.

Cryptocoins are not panacea, they are just a tool, and humans will use them to cheat each other just as they have used gold. Different tools, different possible crimes and different possible criminals. Banksters won’t disappear.

The Intercept is showing its real intent, just another leftish CIA front. Too bad about Glen Greenwald. Too bad about the rest of Snowden’s files from the NSA. The article is BS, and the NRA should go do membership drives in the Mexican and Muslim communities. After all, most NRA members are ex-military, a high proportion of NCOs. Anyone who thinks an NCO in the modern military is prejudiced doesn’t know much :


Jason Goodman interviews Jared Beck. If Jason talked less, it would be a better interview, but it is still an excellent inside-the-legal-system view :

George Webb continues his investigation. 55 Savshkina and the Russians.

The sad, sad, terrible, awful, stupid thing about the legacy media’s having so strongly adopted sides is that we have to disbelieve everything they say. But this, I disbelieve because it is irrelevant :


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