Daily Reading #24A

Those are from Western Rifle Shooters Assn.

CHSmith provices an excellent non-partisan statement of the geopolitical situation and its effects on the US and the world :


US militarism is the most immediate danger to the planet :


This is written in a flowery style, presents a negative view of France’s future with the largest Muslim community in Europe, more than “5 million Africans”. But, Algerians and black Africans have been French for generations, I know a very black African who speaks French perfectly and went to the Sorbonne. He has only good things to say about France. It is easy to find evidence of the integration of the cultures and people, the 2nd of these is the first of my search for ‘French dance’.

Not that Salafists and Wahhabis are not a danger for France nor that France doesn’t have a problem proportional to the Muslim population, but it says that it is easy to blow things out of proportion. I don’t see that France has suffered more terrorism than other nations, and so far, a proportion of those seem as suspicious, as connected to intelligence services, as events here in the US. The benefits of diversity are easily thought ‘normal’, no one lists them. Food, music, dance, literature, hybrid vigor in all possible areas, including genetic :



There are a lot of people thinking about how to do armed resistance. Is no one in our elite paying attention, or is this an intended result? When the break comes, I predict a lot of people will be shot from a distance, beginning with every legislator who ever voted for a gun control bill. There are lists of those people, you know?

The Deep Black Swamp needs chaos, otherwise it loses. Gun control comes up as a big distraction whenever the CIA needs it. But the people who will lose in the initial stages of such a conflict are all on the left, all the populations who have been the face of gun control and all the other leftist anti-Constitutional trends:


An interesting take on Bruce Ohr and other aspects of the insanity in DC. Joel Gilbert thinks in left right. Not real interesting except for the bit of Ohr probably cooperating. Also, the $1.7B to Iran was for the NKorean nuclear program :

The Clintons were CIA drug runners from the beginning :


ISIS is a US-British-Israeli creation, paid for with Saudi money. US, et al supplied the weapons, so ISIS is likely profit-making for the CIA and Mossad :


What to do with the Jihadis? The US is recycling them into other forces of disruption. Read this for the overview of what our country has done to the world, the amazing evils done in our name, supposedly for our benefit. And the spending necessary to accomplish all this evil. Pentagon generals are far more responsible for America’s decline than Presidents, CIA representatives tho they have all recently been :


The real reason ‘the Russians’ ‘were interfering in US elections’. Nothing to do with elections, it was a group that sold their sock puppet online presences to provide social media advertising and PR :


Long past time to rethink US strategy and whether we even need or want a military. At this point, the Pentagon is not under control of the Constitutional government, not that we have one of those either :


Naked Capitalism today has a long section on the New Cold War, a dozen articles pushing a cold war (at least) against Russia. No reasons, of course, in any of them, pure propaganda :


I just saw this on WRSA. Look at the comments. Anti-China, anti-Russia, etc. propaganda isn’t working so well, it seems to me :


George Webb’s investigation is in high gear, so many leads people can’t follow them all. This continues the focus on S. Florida, General Grange, the Cruz brigades :


George’s Day 123 discusses the ‘catalyst’ programs as a component of driving sales of opioids, and part of the Strategy Of Tension rolling coup used by the CIA. The third of these is a long review of his reporting, all of the important stories that have not been pursued by MSM. George is absolutely outstanding in every dimension, imho, and the world would be a better place if more reporters were like him :




More discussion of the Paddock autopsy strangeness. Serious anomalies, e.g. Stephen Paddock’s time of death. Incompetence, accidental or intentional leakage of information, real info or noise thrown into the open investigations? A question I don’t see answered is when did the coroner receive the body? The body did not have the color of eyes of Paddock’s drivers license and photo. (Although some of his photos don’t look blue.) Teeth are consistent with a homeless man, not Paddock’s photos :


I hate to link to an article in Psychology Today, but this is good. Who could have guessed? Children do not need to be taught! :


Yes, Intercept is not legitimate investigative journalism. Now we will see how clever Greenwald was wrt to his contract. As he is a reasonable clever guy about organizations, he has surely caught on, and he fact that he hasn’t left and taken Snowden’s files with him, or sent them to Wikileaks, is evidence he wasn’t so smart about contracts or controlling the files :


The mentally ill will always be with us. Dealing with that fact isn’t easy :


I was just watching one of my son’s friends playing a one-against-all soldier fps. (My kid has moved on to Kerbal Space Program, where he has designed and built a space station and the heavy lifter, in a winged space plan design, to put it all into orbit. Serious accomplishment, that too a lot of hours. And he is only 21!) I asked them if FPSs teach you anything about life, make you better at the real world. “Yes, I see everything as tradeoffs, and the fluid balancing of tradeoffs on the move is what all the games are about.” My kid speaks well.


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