Daily Reading #248

Thinking about where we are, wtf? It isn’t a coup, that happened long ago, and the CIA owned the US president ever since Bush, Sr. They lost it with Trump, and thus the public moves and the exposure those bring on the Deep Black Swamp is necessary-justified to restore their control. If the IG and relative-good guys, White Hats in the various intelligence and investigative agencies have some grasp of the scope of the problem, the Deep Black Swamp knows what they have. The Civil War or countercoup or or reform movement, however you characterize this, began before Trump came on the scene, it is just bureaucratic warfare with occasional assassinations to this point.

The great partisanship existing in the country is the reflection of those political contenders in our national government. The Deep Black Swamp is international elites using politics  of all kinds as  a tool, not driven by any particular ideology. I disagree with everyone targeting ‘leftists’, ‘communists’, etc. Yes, a source of bad, but not the deeper driving force, not the head of the snake.

Just when I thought I was making a last pass through Piss On Them Part II, I decided the flow wasn’t right and I need to add another sentence or so.  Really, POT p1 should be rewritten in that reorg. The essays do not yet match the brilliance of the design, the social mechanism I have invented. No, The Generalissimo had nothing to do with this, whatever he claims.

Jake Morphonios has a properly well-informed and cynical view of the school shootings. So the usual contrary evidence begins to accumulate, but we need to be careful and skeptical, because the government organizes disinfo ops along with everything, it is real easy to look stupid. Nevertheless, if drills are confirmed and more reports of multiple shooters come from verified students, yes, likely a false flag op. The girl talked to Nicholas Cruz.

What was he doing there, he wasn’t in school and wasn’t supposed to be there? She teased him about being the shooter, shots coming from the other side of the building at the same time, he looks at her blankly. Then he is arrested down the street? Now the media will ignore every bit of this developing evidence.

The standard CIA ‘strategy of tension’ makes you doubt everything and thus paralyzes you with indecision. Way past time to decide our government is compromised and the Deep Black Swamp is a huge threat to us all :



George Webb, Operation Cassandra, a $200M / month drug and car theft ring in DC. Yesterday, he mentioned ‘Fat Leonard’, the Navy scandal involving 1/3rd of the Admirals in the Navy. Bruce Ohr running a 10,000 DEA ‘informant’ ring which is really a drug distribution ring :


More John E Hoover on the Las Vegas incident. He is looking into the many Saudi connections, evidence of shooting from helicopters, and why Tannerite might have been part of the plot to kill a Saudi prince. A Wahabbist among the Saudi royals would have motive for the killing of American civilians and standing to claim they were ISIS, as ISIS. I bet the NSA has a lot of evidence relevant to this.

But we citizens don’t need the NSA. NSA and the Saudis are learning that wide use of cell phones + Youtube + frame by frame analysis by citizens exposes them as much as Oman’s surveillance :





Jason Goodman interviews The Gunner. This is the internet evaluating sources and analyses, it is interesting to see the process. This is the crowd mind at work. The net crowd mind is coming to agree that Qanon is disinfo, at best. Maybe a chatbot being fed phrases. I don’t hear intelligence coming from Quinn, Jason is wrong there. If you run it fast enough, the nugget to dross ratio in this keeps you going.

The meta-significant thing in all this is how nobody grasps the fact that so many points of view have found QAnon less than credible. They evaluate that, somehow, as additive instead of multiplying their probabilities of QAnon being a real entity using real obfuscation to avoid identification. Mere social science minds weak in statistics and probabilities mainly useful in supporting political and ideological agendas, not hard science, the kind that supports engineering and doesn’t care much what people think.

Just to be clear, I don’t think a country run by engineers would be any better than the ones run by social science people, and those not different than military. The particular kinds of failures are instructive, but they all fail. A particular kind of category error, a conceptual oxymoron is ‘run a country’. It is an interesting function, the subtle shift of ‘run’ as you go from ‘running’ a machine on weekend project through small team leadership, … through international corporation and government :


This is Jake Morphonios interviewing a film maker who is very critical of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, based on the department’s long history of bad crops and the current crop of crap who have risen to the top, Joe Lombardo being the compliant cop chosen by the big casinos to run Vegas for them and keep any news from hurting their business. So filmmaker Ramsey Denison says all the lying stems from a cop accidentally discharging their gun in the room, and Lombardo’s attempt to cover that up is the entire reason for the corrupt 2nd-in-commands Captain wife who has never run a murder investigation having been put in charge of the biggest murder investigation for many years.

At 24 minutes into that 42 minute video, my thought is “No, too simple.” It doesn’t account for the FBI agents actually running the venue crime scene.It doesn’t account for the FBI guy looking gimlet-eyed at Lombardo every press converence for the entire time. It doesn’t account for the fact that there were multiple shooters, it doesn’t account for Hoover’s evidence of shooters in helicopters, it doesn’t account for shooters up and down the strip, some a mile and a half away. It doesn’t account for Hoover’s analysis of the sniper shooting at a black SUV.

So I can believe the LVMPD is dirty and incompetent, easily, it is what I have read again and again. Ditto Las Vegas government and everything associated with it. Lots of homicides every month, the reason the homicide squad is very professional.

But that only makes it easier for the FBI to tell LVMPD what to do. It makes Lombardo someone they can promote. So this guy doesn’t add evidence to the primary ‘who did it’ question :


Something I thought of wrt Las Vegas. The other day I watched a ‘how to use a squad heavy machine gun’ which had the illustration of the ‘beaten ground’ in front of a well-aimed weapon. It is a very long narrow convex lens. That is what the bullet hole pattern and locus of the wound would look like if Stephen Paddock had done the killings from his 32nd floor hotel room. If he had done it, they would be using that pattern to prove the case. They aren’t. If there was only one gun involved, they would be saying that from the autopsies and forensic evidence. If there was only one gun and all of the cartidge cases were in Paddock’s room, one for one, they would be saying that.

There are many things that they don’t say, and it isn’t because they are concealing anything from the perps about their investigation. Remember, they repeatedly state there are no such perps, Stephen Paddock was a lone gunman. They can’t say any of those things because they can’t get the people in charge to lie. They can shut them up, but they can’t make them lie. And so info leaks out in interesting ways, e.g. the Coroner saying he only did autopsies on half the bodies. He must have known what a huge red flag that was. Ditto the leaks of the downard trajectories of the bullets through the bodies of selected victims. The FBI can’t have liked that. The high proportion of head shots, the high proportion of deaths / round fired. There are a ton of facts whose implications are not being explored.

And then, just as it is becoming clear to everyone that Joe Lombardo is lying in every statement, the Weinstein sex scandal broke and Las Vegas was never heard from again. Many people remarked on the phenomenon at the time.

I think it unlikely that Stephen Paddock had anything at all to do with the killings. That wasn’t his MO. I like Hoover, but this is not the total story either. This has the Saudis as the active bad guys in things back to the 1993 WTC bombing. No, that was run by the FBI, their agent provacateur Emad Salem organized and ran that operation with the FBI’s money. The rest of them were more or less guilty patsies, radicals with big mouths, I think. They did manage to attract a nephew of a real ME terrorst bomber, but somehow he wasn’t arrested, as I recall.

FBI money built the bomb, the bomb went off. No way that happened by accident, I think, the FBI simply doesn’t manage their informants, as they wanted everyone to consider Salem, so slackly that enormous bombs go off in buildings as long discussed managing agent with informant. This is another one of the cases that has disappeared from any public discussion, but was widely reported on at the time in US papers, beginning with the one Oct 1993.

The FBI has a long history of covering up terrorist and mass murder, murders, pedophile rings, best case case interpretation of the many examples. Worst case, they were integral to all of them. Come on, there are no high profile cases for a long time where we can say the FBI did outstanding police work. Maybe that is selection bias of some kind, the FBI’s PR people perhaps aren’t as good at dealing with the cases where the FBI teams were brilliant. I think the FBI does a good job on bank robbers. Nothing else comes to mind, certainly they are lousy at coverups and setting up assassinations

The Internet is doing a fine job of understanding wtf our Deep Black Swamp is doing, it seems to me. And they can’t seem to stop us*, look very foolish doing so. Something changed, another end-of-era signal.

The Hoover video, the 2nd of these, is useful in linking House of Saud internal strife to the Mandalay Bay massacre. I can even believe an ISIS-class motive. But that doesn’t mean that the Mossad didn’t do 9/11 in collusion with the Deep Black Swamp. If the Saudis in 9/11 were not patsies, then they are just another mafia element of the Deep Black Swamp.

Even that is too simple. The total corruption is individual nodes having a secret stamp and a permission stamp. They can exchange permission for power, influencce, money and keep it secret. The overall organization is that there are not hard lines of control, all of them have their own groups they favor. Money follows the power, so cuts of all the illegal trades flow upward, through black budgets and ultimately into Congressional campaigns and Deep Black Swamp-favoured investments :



Greg Hunter’s week in review. Nice. He blames bonds for the lack of liquidity.  But money, once created, doesn’t disappear.  The Fed creates $1T, the gov sells $1T in bond which sit in the Fed’s vault, but then spends the $1T and it circulates. That didn’t cause a liquidity crisis, it is meant to prevent a liquidity crisis.

No, liquidity crisis comes only because people have not kept enough cash on hand.  It is a logistics problem, a flow problem, at a system level. Economic entities are incented to keep min cash on hand by rising markets and the idea they can use hedges to derisk. People with jobs aren’t able to save because of inflation in housing, medicine, education because of the creation of the $1T, and thus no savings and thus no bankers keeping the economy going.

Why is this so hard for people? :


*I claim ‘us’, as I am an element of the collective mind evaluating links and so enabling page-rank algorithms to function. However humble my efforts, Google would be nowhere without people like me. They have no appreciation, it seems to me.


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