Daily Reading #247

The reason the Comey memos are being withheld is that it would destroy the Meuller investigation by making it clear that Comey wanted the investigation for political reasons. Why they don’t want to do that yet, I cannot grasp, but this is more drip, drip, drip etching away the facades hiding the criminals.

John E. Hoover has information from the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Massacre autopsies, bullet tracks from high to low. They interpret that as gunfire from the helicopter. Maybe, consistent with that, but not proof, because it is also consistent with people crouching or lying on the ground being shot from any angle. Nothing is ruled out from the info that I can see.

Wife and I were laughing this AM at the women claiming to be lovers of Trump. Trump doesn’t leave enemies among his ex-gfs, from the many interviews done as Clinton’s people dug for dirt. That implies that he was honest with them. People run their marriages all kinds of ways, not my business. If he is honest with people, doesn’t take unfair advantage of his power and wealth, that is all I care about. Sex is innocent fun between consenting adults.

Piss On Them Part II is my finest thinking in social reform, neo-liberalism a Communist must agree with, merging the working mechanisms of traditional society with group minds made possible with modern communications.

Economic risks are what guarantee that Hillary Clinton ends up in jail. Trump needs to be seen winning. If he makes the corruption clear via investigations and prosecutions, people will forgive the economy long enough to bet past 2018 and 2020 elections.

Jonathan Pie is very good, I agree with every word. Even about changing the gun laws. Abolish all gun laws, acknowledge the fact of guns and violence, the power of the individual in the modern age, and change the reality of our institutions to deal with that fact. Where are the investigative reporters, the social analysts on this? Where are the %ages of people who commit violence who are on SSRIs and other drugs prescribed by psychiatrists and average physicians? Were they identified as problems before the drugs? etc, etc, etc.

There are many things to be done wrt violence in American society, it is extremely deplorable, I am ashamed of the ineptitude of my elites and very frustrated by citizen’s abilities to diagnose problems and suggest solutions, so apparent in the comments of any good web site, to have any effect on anything. I write letters, I write a blog and amplify good ideas, … And we are still headed for shooting revolution.

A man could despair of the power of this society, this very large-scale politico-socio-economic system, to deal with its many problems. School shootings are just another symptom of that general failure :


And on the other hand, this shows a) how we ordinary citizens can do the FBI’s job and b) how impossible it is to cover things up in a world with ubiquitous surveillance. Ditto the many other researchers.

John E. Sullivan is a fine researcher :


I am more astonished by the need for such a law than the fact that 35 states don’t have them :


Youtube has served me up a talk by a guy advocating military tribunals. I didn’t watch it because military tribunals leave social scars a country has to live with for a long time. Bad precedent.

No, we need the exact opposite. Start opening the intelligence files, exposing sources and methods. When we see the evil our intelligence agencies have done pursuing ‘the national interest’ while trashing all concepts of humanity, morality, long-term benefit and wisdom, then we might get this mess straightened out.

That idea of ‘national interest’ is the MIC’s equivalent of the national welfare state’s ‘for the children’. The slop they put into political discourse is a major source of our nation’s problems. We really need to stop the insanity in policy that enable and encourage the massive criminality that is our Deep Black Swamp and Stasis Quo minions. Left and right and center, socialist Feingold and paranoid ultra-conservative McCain, they all get rich on their share of the frauds.

Surveillance Capitalism is a description getting traction. Tucker Carlson on Google’s surveillance via their phones :


George Webb continues. More discussion of recruiting Army Quartermasters on college campuses and compromising them. 120.1 exposes Nicholas Jacob Cruz as the nexus of amazing coincidences, at least.

George is on a roll again, many pieces of the story are coming together, in more detail the ratlines of our Deep Black Swamp are being exposed, including the personnel logistic train. The story line that is developing is that the DBS has been recruiting high school kids via drug parties and then using the kids + drugs in entrapment operations for a long time. Entrapment –> political and bureaucratic power –> more entrapment and black money. The Deep Black Swamp are a powerful force in this world :




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