Daily Reading #241

Late today, having put 4 yards of compost into garden boxes. Growing up on a farm, I am good at manual labor.

The push to Armageddon continues :


Las Vegas continues to attract investigative attention because the FBI has so clearly lied :


I had only seen Jack Posobiec in print. This reveals the Senator Mark Warner-Christopher Steele connections, back channels to a Russian oligarch.

Posobiec is a researcher who breaks stories and illuminates the implications. Excellent reporting and thinking, so far. Too preachy to listen to often, but I bet Jack makes good $ from the ads.

So who gave Jack that email? This is another of the drip, drip, drip of information that is undermining the entire Stasis Quo political establishment and a good bit of the bureaucracy. 1000X any political scandal ever.

This episode in history is amazing. How many political scandals have been covered up in prior generations, all those before the Internet? :


Jake Morphonios reviews the Clinton’s days in Arkansas. The Clintons are pedophiles, drug smugglers, money launders, and killers, and we should have known this when the first crimes occurred.  Instead they have been protected, assets of the CIA :


Also, Jake’s reasoning strongly suggests the Clintons are very likely Satan worshipers.

I would have to go through it again. There are certainly other supporting facts, e.g. Hillary was going to Hollywood often when she was First Lady and I saw things saying both of them were into the occult. The pedophilia, cocaine and sex parties are fact, beyond doubt. Their use in compromise operations is fact, beyond doubt. Child trafficking by the Clintons is beyond doubt. That it is international via Orgy Island is fact, beyond doubt.  That the Clintons participated in sex parties as often as possible is fact, beyond doubt.  But that orgy island was satanic ritual, no, that I doubt. That needs more than just the Podestas going there, it needs others in the group if there is to be a ritual. Proof would need flight logs. Who was on flights with the Podestas? With the Clintons?

Also, is there no national directory of children lost and never found? How many are there? How can that not be a well-known statistic? To me it seems a rather important measure of quality of life. Is the rate so high as to justify everyone’s fear for letting their children walk down the street? Why is it so hard to evaluate claims wrt children disappearing?

BTW, I am perfectly willing to believe Jake in this, I think the Clintons are capable of anything. I just don’t see the hard links that would prove it. :


I have had considerable prejudice against Caitlin Johnstone, as I first saw here in Gatestone Institute’s articles. That is an Israeli-Neocon group, and many of its articles are suspect, imho. Otoh, several of Johnstone’s thoughts lately have been solid. This is a good discussion of how radically ‘progressive’ politics have shifted in the years since 9/11 and the Obama-Clinton (political agents of the CIA Deep Black Swamp) have run the federal government and the DNC :


I have read this article half a dozen times in the last 20 years, I believe. Or one just like it. So much salt is damaging to roads, cars, bridges and damaging to the environment. bviously true, damn little gets done, it is so low a priority :


‘Education theory’ is bunk, and is properly being abandoned :


Interesting science :

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