Daily Reading #240

My son brought this to my attention just now. Kid knows a lot, likes to talk about things. Sagan said inspiring things inspiringly :


Yes, if the legacy media had done its job, we could have avoided many of these issues. Flynn cites ‘socialism’ as a goal. No, it is a mechanism to harvest free votes in a positive-feedback socio-politico-economic system that must fail, as systems with unconstrained positive feedback must do.

This interview makes it clear why the Deep Black Swamp wanted Flynn out of government. He speaks well, honesty, integrity, clean government, no lies from anywhere. Excellent goals and obviously a serious thinker about strategic and national issues. He hated the dishonesty and corruption he saw in DC. OK, fine, but he goes on to assume in his discussion that radical Islam is a problem independent of US-Israeli-Saudi support, and says that Russia is behind it? He equates radical Islam with Iran. No way any intelligence professional at his level can believe that.

OK, either Flynn is just another faction of the deep state or Flynn is playing politics. Either way, it rather undercuts his political ideals of honesty, integrity, no lies.

To give him his due, people like him, at his level, on talk radio and alt-media are what moved Trump into office. Flynn will be back in the game soon, more gasoline on the bonfire of the legacy media :


How many lawyers have I seen, heard and read recommending in no uncertain terms that Trump not agree to be interviewed by Mueller? And replays of Trump’s embrace of Mueller’s probe and statements of “I have nothing to hide!”? The best law seems to me Trump can’t resist, must appear before the grand jury, at least. In any case, it is a PR disaster if he doesn’t. So Trump’s thinking must be to allow the Mueller investigation to run and continue to show that the FBI etc people who are behind it are corrupt bastards.

Meanwhile, Mueller is living proof of how clean Trump is and has been. How many billionaires could survive Clinton’s oppo research AND extended FBI investigations based on FISA warrants? The tide in the Deep Black Swamp is ebbing, I think :


George Webb et al continue their investigations :


Jake Morphonios and his researchers continue their investigation. More ways we know the FBI is lying :


More neuroscience. A gene unique to humans is involved in brain development. When the ancestor gene is knocked out in mice, they don’t do synapses correctly. When the human version is introduced, their cortical synapses are delayed in maturation, are elongated and about 40% more of them are formed. Ditto for inhibitory neurons, maintaining the strict ration between them that is a constant in nervous systems :


Effects of Neanderthal genes in modern humans :



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