Daily Reading #23F

Comments on ZH this AM made me realize how easily human minds resort to stereotypes. If you think about the details of anyone’s life, assuming reasonable intelligence as you do so, you can avoid that.

E.g. Trump built a fairly impressive real estate company over 40 years in one of the world’s very diverse cities, dealing with all kinds of people as he did so, from doormen to chairmen of large and powerful banks, people of every ethnic group and nationality. He had a parallel career running beauty pagents, wrestling matches and a reality TV show. He had to deal with an entirely different group of people in those, compared to real estate, did it well. In his personal history, he has dated women of many nationalities and races. All through his life, Trump worked as his on PR agent, keeping himself in the public’s view.

At the very least, given his success in these areas, the man isn’t ignorant or unintelligent. Given the limited success of his political handlers to change his behavior, one must attribute a lot of Trump’s success to either amazing luck or Trump’s own capabilities.


Old ways of technology like that. A 1960 film. Old gas stations in little towns in the west persisted into the 1980s, I think, but it is really remarkable how fast it all went away. The minimills really cleaned up America, all of the uless metal, cars and trucks and tractors were recycled.

The US apparently still believes there is something to be gained by continuing the war in Syria. I do not see that benefits the American people in any way. Trump has not ended the ME wars as promised :


The script continues to unfold :




That twitter link was good. I have seen more and more of those, but too much noise. I appreciate everyone saying ‘well done’ but tweets are too high-bandwidth. If ZH had a quick, compact way of checking who upvoted comments, it would be very superior to tweets. Even so, ZH’s comments lower bandwidth than I like, tolerable when you are looking for diversity of opinion. Slashdot and ?? used to allow only seeing comments above a certain approval level, but that meant that minority opinion, or majority opinion that offended a sufficiently-voting minority, wasn’t heard. Maybe an AI will save us.

Any less-than-really-clever AI will, however, prevent me from seeing the intentional humor in otherwise banal comments that are imperfect in grammar, spelling, or use of ideas. But no kidding, the noise in our person-to-person social media flows is a significant limitation on the power of humanity’s developing collective intelligence, our group mind, a beyond AI solver of problems. How do brains deal with the problem? The brain has more feedback neurons in the sensory pathways than the inputs. Can ‘attaboys’ tweets be considered equivalent feedback, at least dealing with the same problem, neural nodes deciding what problem should be dealt with, what alternative interpretations of the inputs should be considered?

The contest between the forces of Freedom and the forces of Repression is long, but technology and scale are finally on the side of Freedom, it seems to me. “Our creativity and ingenuity against theirs” is 5th Generation Warfare, the one we can all coordinate out in the open like this.

George recommended the 2nd of these, blame him. I really like Lionel very much, but he is just too good to do anything else at the same time, but not info- and thought-dense enough to pay attention to for long. The man can stack digressions deeper than anyone on radio while popping the stack, restoring previous contexts at the end of each digression’s well-paced and paragraphed ends. A very interesting mind and personality, the kind of lawyer who would be very expensive because he is so interesting you couldn’t stop talking to him.

Clearly, we are winning :



This is a shorter version, Lionel is a solid, if emotive, reporter of the facts of a situation and the implications :


George Webb et al. Hillary spent her time at the State Department on Uranium. It is where her $ came from :


Jake Morphonios is a fine role model, leads an exciting life. This is very likely the FBI trying to scare Jake out of Las Vegas. Jake takes every opportunity to emphasize Freedom and what we need to do to get Freedom back :



Oh, Good! There is again hope in Afghanistan, new military commanders have a plan. There is no new reason for being in Afghanistan, however. Basically, a US base in the middle of Asia, I estimate, we need to be there to occupy territory  :


It has been a good year for rabbits in Minnesota :


Finally, a robust correlation. Mother’s immune systems cause gay men. Mother’s immune systems are modified by prior sons.

There are discussions of the genetics of male/female competition. A man’s goal is to have large children, especially sons which carry his Y chromosome. A woman’s goal is to have



I had no idea who Tracey Ullman was. Excellent comedy :


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