Daily Reading #23C

My mind has not yet enveloped this with explanation. What world do I live in? I knew NPR was working hard to fuzz reality with their reporting, but CNN, ?!!? So I had been reading about Trump- and Putin-derangement syndrome, this is what it looks like. OK, a much worse disease than I knew, but wtf do they think they are getting out of this? This isn’t hard-hitting interviewing to uncover problems in the FBI, Mueller, …, this is attacking the investigation of that. This opposition is merely highlighting how very, very guilty they are, delaying the inevitable as long as possible.

Complete defense, the only offence being attacks on the Republicans for what the Democrats have done, is not winning, and the polls show what is going to happen to them. Already, the Democratic Party isn’t getting much in donations. The Democrats are going to suffer very much for this, come the 2018 elections.

Gee, that is this year. How lucky Trump is, once again. But, given the OIG’s work had been going on through the last year of Obama’s admin, and given the Goodman-Dr Stephen interview a week ago which claimed that the White Hats had recruited Trump, and given the OIG’s long connections with the Congressional committees that the first of the Goodman-Dr. Stephen interviews had discussed, all they had to do is let the various bureaucrats delay things according to Trump’s schedule. Wonder who tipped off Conceras about the good move?


OK, I knew that Lisa Barsoomian Rosenstein was Rod Rosenstein’s wife. Why did I not know she was also Hillary Clinton’s attorney? Something to take away from this whole episode is that when some new government character receives scrutiny, the initial article always describes them as personally honest, ethical and of the highest professional integrity. I saw that article for Comey, Mueller, Yates, and Rosenstein, only now realize it was a warning. Mark Twain said the lie goes around the world while the truth is getting its socks on. Canned PR articles waiting for their time outrun the need to counter them.

Generalizing, the first thing you hear about anyone is wrong, especially if it is lauditory :


Read this keeping in mind that most of the FBI’s Directors have been fired for transgressions of law or ethics, or should have been :


George Webb. These discuss the original operation Paperclip, the Nazi scientists, early history of Dyncorp, nuclear programs, and the Deep Black Swamp’s threads infiltrating throughout the US government. Trump’s SOTU emphasized ‘chain migration’ as something to be ended :



FOX puts out info obviously leaked by the good guys. I didn’t see this at the time :


Milo on InfoWars with Alex Jones discussing the moral degeneracy of the Left and how the Republican Party is being taken back from the globalists who have conquered the Democrats. Thus Republicans are winning. Great evidence for the realignment, and how badly the Deep Black Swamp is losing the infowars :


These 2 articles read consecutively produced the analogy of Rome’s civil wars in our modern era. Give the politicians of the empire military and surveillance tools, and they use them against each other. Once that starts, de-escalation is not possible for either side, the rest of us suffer, the Empire dies. WRSA provided the one on Rome :



A neutral mental stance to evaluate America’s structure and politics, including the fact that Bernie strongly supports having Russia as an enemy :





Rediscovered ancient techniques for paintings. The combo of 3 scans produces information no individual technique can detect :


Good advice :



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