Daily Reading #23B

The push to war has never stopped. The Deep Black Swamp can’t lose, they hang. False Flag, War, Coup are their options :


This is an example of our Deep Black Swamp’s control of the Legacy Media and the sophistication of the propaganda. Dershowitz makes good points on the House Intelligence Committee’s FISA Memo right up to the point where he calls for a commission of real experts to find the facts, like, for example, the 9-11 Commission, where real experts did just that. Keeping the Overton Window on 9-11 over here and the evidence over there, well covered in Conspiracy Theory labels, is vital, literally vital, for them.

?? must be under more and more pressure to scale back Hannity, et al. The WSJ already publishes anti-Trump articles fairly routinely :


Jason Goodman and Doctor Stephen discussing the White Hats inside our various investigative agencies, the facts of the case that indicate the Deep Black Swamp’s acts are the largest crimes in world history, and the near future as the investigation continues and the bureaucracy follows the rules :


The two things I find most striking watching Fox and listening to NPR is how far Fox is running behind Congress-OIG, which we have a good idea of because of crowd minds like George Webb’s having looked at the Deep Black Swamp’s coup for the last year and a half and so how much has yet to even begin to be discussed outside of alt-media, and how far National Propaganda Radio goes to fuzz the reality, to make it seem that “the Republicans are creating scandal where none exists”. The NPR call-in program I listened to a few minutes of couldn’t stop citizens from echoing Fox, however.

Once you take the red pill, you can’t listen to even Fox or read WSJ without noticing the biases, much less the news organizations with obvious Democratic Stasis Quo connections.  I cannot understand how anyone is less than offended by NPR’s obviously intentional obscuring of reality in their discussions of events. Fraud, that is not in their charter, under which they are given subsidies by the US government, me the taxpayer.

Truly mind-blowing science, the exact mutations that lead to the large expansion in human brain size, experimental evidence that in mouse they produce folded brains :

George Webb and his crowd mind look at new emails from Huma, theft or loss of nuclear material, Mitch McConnell is a major beneficiary from the corrupt US side of the Megatons for Megawatt program, corruption in disposal of nuclear waste via fracking and leach mining, the Navy’s Fat Leonard scandal as a compromise of the officer corps necessary to keep ships in port for extra days and protect ratlines. George’s last post of the day is a rant about “how could this all happen, how could it be tolerated?” and the possibility that the CIA has assisted Hitler’s top people to infiltrate the US government’s intelligence and investigative agencies.

The new questions for Americans is “Are the CIA the Mossad’s cutouts, or vv, or are they fellow mafias on a world stage?” :


Interest in local food and traditional medicines seems to me to be a rising trend :


Cheap slo-mo cameras certainly change science education. This is Ooblick, a liquid that acts like a solid when resisting high-rate stresses :


Minecraft and other construction games have been a favorite of my son. The latest versions of these are simulations of some aspect of reality and allow recording videos for the edification and instruction others. Kerbel Space Program is an engineering environment for inter-planetary travel in the Kerbel System. These videos are one engineer’s work that I watched with the kid. Fun, funny and instructive, education is changing rapidly :


This is the science paper backing up what Randall Carlson has claimed, that comets melted the glaciers and killed the NAmerican megafauna and the Clovis culture :



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