Daily Reading #229

The thing I found interesting in the few minutes of Trump’s speech I watched is how he uses Deep Black Swamp’s excesses as a reason to push his policies, e.g. G4S, the CIA’s civilian criminal enforcement division, to build the wall and ‘stop immigration’.  Except immigration won’t stop, it is just going to be run for America’s interests, not just the interests of the political elites as now.

Another thought on why Milo is deranged wrt Muslims as a religion. Around the world, religious leaders, priests of most religions and a few politicians aside, everyone knows someone who is gay  and will suspect many more. It is true in the most repressive societies, and more true as societies liberalize. I think it has been ISIS throwing gays off roofs. You can’t blame Muslims for ISIS’s insanity, as they were trained by Mossad, CIA, …

Laura Loomer, an excellent reporter, is similarly deranged. I agreed with many of her points right up to the time she blames 9-11 and Orlando on those evil Muslim Terrorists and says there is a War Against Islam. There are Muslim Terrorists and we did import some of them, but 9-11 and Orlando weren’t among them. I agree a beyond-9-11 False Flag is in the offing, because that is the only tool our Deep Black Swamp has had wins with in a while, short-term though they be. Increasingly short-term, as people get more and more skeptical and it takes more and more lies, e.g. Las Vegas, to keep the paper scenery pasted together.

And the entire ‘their Koran says this’ BS. You can prove anything if you make the peephole small enough. How can such a great investigator have such blind spots?

This wave of immigrants is different, however. As compared to previous waves of immigration, this set of refugees is differently selected. In the old days, immigrants followed relatives, and the flow was slow enough that there were bonds in the receiving community, chains of trust.  Or not. But people could be vetted in the new society, so economic cooperation was possible and social integration followed.

This immigration is government-planned, with Somali refugees set down in large groups in communities where there are too-few to no local community contacts of known trust in the community. And among those Somalis are criminals selected by the CIA to operate ratlines and extremists to produce turmoil and distrust. Just another false flag operation, from the CIA’s pov. Anti-vetting, from my civilian pov.

Brook’s article on immigration is the other side of the usual partial story all political interests put out pieces of. Yes, immigrants are NOT a local problem for most of the country where there are no immigrants. But that doesn’t mean immigrants and jobs moving to cheap labor areas with immigrant laborers or overseas to even cheaper don’t affect everyone in the country.

As the link to Victor Davis Hanson yesterday discusses, immigration is just another factor in the overall society, the sum of the influences determine social success vs failure, and those are different in different dimensions, e.g. economic vs social. Like every other tool, you have to wield it well for it to work for you. Problem is, the various constituents for more immigration gain benefits, but don’t bear the costs. Same as every other social problem, and the reason only local decisions can be reasonably close to optimal :


One of the lessons to be learned from the attempted Deep State Coup and the OIG’s winning moves in response is that the formal government has excellent mechanisms for resisting subversion. Also that it all depended on individuals, took a long time, and very many people around the world have suffered or died by our government’s agents failing to respect the human rights of people around the world. US Constitution 2.0 needs to fix that.

George Webb :



I don’t know what to learn from this story about the photographer and the Vietnamese General. We have no way to evaluate the justice of the event. Don’t let yourself get into a war, I suppose, but who doesn’t know that? :


Robert Gore is another solid analyst. Trump has not ended the Empire, and if he doesn’t, it will soon end the USofA :

The Other Conspiracy Against Trump, by Robert Gore

Illargi is excellent, as usual :


Robert Parry was an excellent journalist, I keep a page open to Consortium News, a site which generally has excellent articles and attracts good comments  :


Like this interview with Craig Murry :


And this analysis for Trump’s moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem entirely from the pov of US party politics :


Consortium News is pretty uniform in interpreting everything from an expert’s opinion, so Trump’s moves are evaluated as ‘dumb’ most of the time :


This is nostalgia for an imaginary America of unified culture and ideas, where all were able to make informed decisions based on objective reporting in voting for a government that had the people’s benefit in heart and mind at all times. As there has never been any such country anywhere on earth, it is total BS. The US has always been the fractured, polarized and stratified society we are right now, just different groups and backgrounds filling different anti-establishment roles at different times.  In some ways, our many social problems are a result of being a rich society. If rural poor people were genuinely poor, there would be no money for drugs and all their time would be spent raising and preserving food. City people are far above Paris before the French Revolution. All this political turmoil is because wealth is receding, much more painful than wealth just being out of reach.

His claim that the Internet made people dumber, less able to evaluate their world because “the internet isn’t a highway, rather many back country roads” that confine their opinions to what they already believe is exactly as true as the fact that people who support Clinton and the Democrats tend to read the NYTimes and WaPost. No kidding, people prefer things that agree with them.

But at the same time, people are far more sophisticated in every way in America in 2018 than ever before in our history. That has produced a far more accurate big-picture view. Notice we don’t have any dominant ideology even tho we have 50%+ opposition to the direction the country is moving? Notice that PC is dying, that AntiFa and the SJW’s are fading badly? Notice how people are leaving cable and not watching the evening news shows?

They are doing all that because better sources of information are available and peer-to-peer makes it easy to tell others. This is a collective intelligence at work.

Trump is a measure of disgust with the overall system our rulers have put over us, not a measure of racism, sexism, … as those rulers claim, that commonality of interests is producing the political realignment :


I think the trend is that every time we ask better questions or get better at interpreting the answers, animals become more intelligent. No asymptote that I can see yet :


I can’t remember reading a study of the natural history of monolithic voter blocks. Judging from how many there are said to be (blacks are the last, I believe, Hispanics where they are recent immigrants and working class), the life of a monolithic voting block must be relatively short. As for ‘monolithic’, voting turnout varies widely, year to year. Hillary’s voter turnout was very low among people we know. Many of my wife’s Democratic women friends didn’t vote for Hillary, and black turnout was lower than expected in many places.

Thus, I find the reasoning here suspect.

Also, ‘brown’ is not a meaningful dimension in American politics. If Tulsi Gabbard ran for President after serving in Trump’s admin as UN Representative and then Sec State, she could win. Cubans vote Republican, for the most part. Mexicans who have assimilated are more likely to vote Republican. The more secure people become, the more their local and economic interests dominate their political opinions. That has reliably moved people out of the Democratic Party into the Republican, so long as there was a difference in the parties. Now the economic rot has produced very wide-spread social dysfunction and distrust of the entire Establishment. Donald Trump is a major result.

No, the realignment that is accelerating is the debt serfs against the economy’s owners and their enforcement arms. Communism, capitalism are the old wars and not choices we are presented with now, in any case. Democratic, Republican has become meaningless, both parties are dominated by the rich, the oligarchs, the war-producing political machine. The CIA is the oligarch’s enforcer, and they use exactly the same tactics against Democrats and Republicans.

No, the fight now is effective administration of a civil justice system and rooting out the massive corruption, seizing back the spoils of many years of both party’s preying on the American people. Saudi Arabia got back $100B in its anticorruption campaign.

If Trump does a good job of that, say a reconciliation commission, he will be able to pay off the national debt and spend $10T on infrastructure. Win-win biggly :


This is a very poorly written article, I didn’t learn anything from it because the evidence didn’t hang together to leave a message. Well, I learned he sounds like a lobbyist :


Amplifying a recent idea :

No, beheading is both barbaric and short-lived. Why should we be so nice?

We need to both punish these criminals in a very social way and provide opportunities for people to express their social disapproval.  In a safe and environmentally friendly and sustainable way, of course. Ideally in a manner that improves a town and city’s liveability.

Stocks have long been a mechanism for forcing miscreants to face the social disapproval of citizens. In modern contexts, criminals would need to be moved from town square to town square through their term.

Stocks fell out of favor because there was no practical limit to the damage from thrown objects, some of which were unhygenic and could cause infections, and thus punishments did not fit the crime. So we need a design for our stocks that prevents damage from thrown or unhygenic objects.

There are not enough public urinals in public spaces. Urine is sterile.

Clearly there are opportunities to combine all this in new optimizations of social control and personal, expressive public displays of our opinions of particular criminal’s behaviors.

Environmentally friendly, sustainable, community-building, civilization-enhancing.

#PissOnThem” deserves all your support as we move this into law.

I believe the criminologists say that the death penalty, at least as currently administered, is not a deterrent. I believe we can all agree that these stocks are a powerful public message, and that the thought of spending any that any amount of time in these stocks is a large deterrent. How could any miscreant hold their head up in criminal society afterwards? Calling your gang The Pissed On Ones isn’t romantic or tough.

A new caste, but one they could escape. They would need religion, individual salvation. It would require Jesus or Buddha or new thinking combining everything. Beheadings are not learning experiences for anyone. Public pissing, watching and getting pissed on definitely are.

Yes, #PissOnThem will improve our civilization..