Daily Reading #228

Very excellent wonderful news, on this day of Trump’s State of the Union address. They are announcing that Congress and Trump are about to straighten out Justice and appoint a special Prosecutor to pursue the criminals within the government behind the RussiaGate, leaks, … Behind that, other OIGs no doubt have many more crimes under investigation, e.g. the many aspects of the crimes and links between politicians, bureaucrats and Deep Black Swamp criminals involved in things from houses of prostitution, blackmail and multitudinous varieties of fruads through illegal sale of government assets, organ and sex trafficking, murder and treason. Predictions are Trump will lay this out, the beginning of the repair of our nation.

Be kind to your liberal and progressive friends, especially the ardent Hillary feminists. They are in deep conflict just now.

I just watched a little bit of Trump’s speech. Trump has a good team, effective speech. The constant standing ovation is ridiculous, tho I noticed that the people who are likely going to jail didn’t stand.

I made a comment yesterday on a ZH article to the effect that nobody can predict anything about 2018 midterms because so many people are leaving Congress. Today this happens. Truly, these are rapidly changing times, big tides beneath the surface of public affairs :


George Webb reviews the investigation, a big-picture of the Rothschilds-Navy mining crime cabal. The 3rd of these points out how many government programs are subverted in intent and thus rakeoffs for ?? and intelligence agencies :




Here George calls out Mitch McConnell, the US Senate Majority Leader and his wife, Elaine Chao, as profiting from the Navy’s Corruption :


Jason Goodman and “Doc’ interview. More white hat information from inside the government about the OIG’s investigations, background for Trumps SOTU. “The CounterCoup — Striking Back”. The Doctor has good information and opinions. Trump is winning, big-time :


Jason Goodman with Robyn Gritz and Thomas Paine. More good news, with ex-FBI agents knowing the plays and players helping interpret events. I watched this in the afternoon, they ask what happened to Gowdy, say he has to get his game back on. Today he quits :


Jake Morphonios on the Rothschilds. Seems like to me they are a lucky example of their times and places, smart and focused people. I don’t see particular evil relative to their times. I did not see any links to the occult that he claims to exist, so Jake left something out or ? :


Everybody dealing with reality has the same prescription — local action, work for your own goals.Same as an open source software project, develop the software you need and many will use it :


Victor Davis Hanson on mass immigration and social stability. This makes sense, balanced views :


“I have never done this before, but if you’re seeing this, the conversion worked”. Minds work differently in an age of recording howto videos :


The Las Vegas Mandalay Bay massacre and coverup make the government law enforcement bodies involved look stupider and stupider or more and more dishonest or both with every new tidbit of information that any of the serious researchers come up with. The number of massacres for which this has been true is quite high, and growing over the last few years. Why do you suppose this trends? :


I always try to read the Woodpile Report. WRSA always links to it :


Another example of symbiosis in the scientific enterprise, in this case while studying symbiosis in lichens :


A nice series of talks, science based on genomics. Microbiome, lice, :


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