Daily Reading #227

George Webb is a very fine investigative reporter and leading a great open source team which can see the big picture. Very fine reporting, very fine video scripting, absolutely mindblowing information. We citizens are going to win big-time, no way any Stasis Quo can resist the internet when citizens can record events also :




Mueller’s halo is PR facade, even ignoring the fact that he headed the FBI from 2 weeks before 9-11, and Mueller’s FBI noticed noting suspicious about the affair :


Ads are amazing. I am normally careful to notice nothing about Youtube’s ads, but the visuals on this were so amazing. I don’t quite understand what the ad is selling, but visual-musical-sonic ultra-extravaganza is part of a trend. My kid showed me a video for a gaming system, trailers for their CGI + live action movies. Unbelieveably wow. I find myself saying that a lot :


I continued with Jake Morphonios’s “Illuminati” series, Satanic rituals with ritual torture, killing and sex. I decided there was no doubt about that being real some time ago entirely because it is the kind of thing needed to control members of any large ultra-serious crime cabal. Of course, there is plenty of evidence and now more than a few surviving victims have been identified.

Combining the thoughts, the next blockbuster will be the an alt-Hollywood group of writers and actors sexually abused by the Hollywood elite cooperating to produce their personal experiences using the recent face-mapping software allowing the original criminals to play themselves.

After that will be re-created personal experiences of a child kidnapped into a sex ring, with the recent face-mapping software allowing the original victims and criminals to play themselves. I anticipate very graphic scenes, up on the edge of child porn. Hollywood can’t stop making money out of social trends, I think, and there will be plenty of convicted pedophiles in the near future who can’t sue. This will be the end of Hollywood, but they won’t know it for a couple of years due to the profits.

Also, given Trumps scripting, the Satanic pedophilia will be the last thing exposed so as to increase public’s horror step by step as long as possible. So Podesta is background for a while. I noticed he wasn’t part of the Uranium One subpoenas :



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