Daily Reading #226

The power of the Internet is being harnessed faster by our opposition to our oppressive government and its minions than they can manage. They can’t appreciate how fast they are losing control of the information flow.

Yesterday one of my son’s friends was here, we talked a few minutes. He is gay, blue state liberal and likes Milo.  He isn’t particularly interested in politics, average views for someone who gets most of their info via their smartphone. “I don’t agree with everything he says, but he is right on a lot of stuff. And funny.” He didn’t disagree with me on my statements saying Milo is wrong wrt Muslims. I know he has good values, he has done very well in his young life and has been a friend of the family 10+ years. Values + facts and points of views lead intelligent minds to the same understandings, it just takes a while for young idealists to understand enough points of view.

Probably both of us would be appalled by the other’s views of ‘right on a lot of stuff’, but the point is that more of our message is taking root in the intelligent people of my son’s generation than their PC message, and this in a very liberal section of America. Of course, the kid was home-schooled by a religious mother, so he has a big head start.

This proposal by one of WRSA’s readers is the kind of thing that will catch people in my son’s generation. My kid talks about meming all the time, ‘have you seen …?’ is a common question. They talk about meming and use various memes they all know in conversations the way literary people use literary references and the rest of us use movie and tv references. George Webb is great on movie refs, for example.

But they also have conversations about the various qualities of the memes, good and bad attributes in mental space. This is a sophisticated generation that is coming along with far wider sources of information and more information flow through their minds than any generation before. They have been subjected to PC from an early age and are as neutral on race, religion, sex and sexuality as it is possible for humans to be. They know damn well they aren’t sexist or racist nor antisemitic nor anti-gay. The serious among them have good jobs, hate how much they pay in taxes, and know how hard it is to get jobs good enough to live on their own in a last-generation’s young adult life. The car crowd has good measures of government usefulness and effectiveness, reality vs the pro-gov memes and ideals. Next there will be 10 years of news about government corruption.

I predict that my son’s generation is the generation that will abandon all the parties :


Tracy Beanz is a serious researcher. This makes it clear that the Wall Street Journal’s national editors, some reporters and the entire economic group are a CIA front. Makes sense, actually, as the CIA has lots of people doing economic analyses writing the articles for their ‘reporter’, and a series of serious WSJ articles would drive business decisions in some particular direction or part of the world. The Grassley committee’s letter is the basis for this video, links between the many players in the increasingly amazing story.

George Webb has covered most of the names and connections between them :



This is a very good summary of part of George’s very complex story. He has done so much solid reporting over a year and a half of digging. This man leads the most effective open-source counter intelligence investigation ever in history. This is historic, an emergent phenomena of the internet. George Webb will come be seen as the symbol of the beginning of the new era with Internet open-source open-community forms of everything :


George Webb has identified ‘Navy Masons’ as running deep criminal operations. OK, time to take Morphonios’s views of the Illuminati seriously. I have only watched the first 4 parts of this, but A) Morhonios is reality-based, Pedogate is real and it is tied to ‘The Illuminati’, which is real history and has deep links in the present and B) it is clear a lot of threads of investigation are coming together in a DC Nexus, pedophilia, drugs, spying, arms, uranium, and Deep Dark Swamp of the many forms of pay for play.

This is a good illustration of how sophisticated the control of our minds has been. I knew many of the pieces in all of this, I read and remember far more than most, yet despite my innate disbelief of any standard story, putting together the big picture in my mind required the internet and many repetitions of the story from different POVs by people’s whose judgments I could judge. I see that happening for people around me. ‘Taking the Red Pill’, they call it. Despite the very Free Press, and it has been and is in the sense that anyone can write most anything, the way the news is investigated, edited and reported, without a narrative and big-picture context, the individual stories are forgotten and there is little accumulation of concern, so none of it has political effect.

But that is all non-linear, the distrust and unease do accumulate and come to the fore in hard economic times. As an entire society, we are just now past the initial break in our belief in the Stasis Quo. Unless the Deep Dark Swamp figures out how to control the Internet (and I suspect the proposal to control the 5G net is exactly that), now follows 10 years of headlines for the good guys, 10 years of open source investigations driven by the documents that become public, 20 years of law suites by individuals whose civil rights have been seriously violated :


Human evolution as hybridization due to continuous migration is confirmed so clearly. This discusses the ways that hybridization can affect speciation, and finds it much more common than expected. Also, more powerful in forming species, or evoking new phenotypes. Culture works the same way. America’s mix of cultures is a God-send from any breeder’s pov. They look for genetic variation, they need the new phenotypes made possible by interacting genomes. The special hybrid vigor available from ‘pure strains’ selected for different characteristics is why F1 hybrids are your seed corn.  Yes, a problem with hybrids is they express a lot of weird traits and have a wide range of sizes, colors, etc. much wider than the parent species. That is why there is selective breeding of hybrids with favorable sets of traits working continuously to improve the parents of the next F1 hybrid seed corn.

Nature did all that for humans by scattering us across the world and time, so the hybrids had time to sort out a new stable line before the next hybridization.

Because it is still January, I can brag that I made known The Generalissimo’s advances in that line of thought, the advantages of multi-strain hybridization via chimeras and how that greatly improves human intelligence  :


Rapid changes after the African-Neanderthal hybridization :


The FBI’s coverup division is too obvious, imho :


There are many replications of ancient technologies and videos explaining them :




Inside Syria view of Syria’s future :


A good Dalrymple quote. The comments illustrate my beef with WRSA, which I really like much of the time, posts lean irrationally anti-Muslim and comments include too many anti-group bs with too little pushback from the mostly rational readers. OTOH, WRSA has many good comments to learn from and is the best of the patriot sites I have found so far, and I read it every day.

This quote ties in with the need for OK-BOB honesty and careful use of the language as pointed out by Orwell “There is no swifter route to the corruption of thought than through the corruption of language” :



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