Daily Reading #225

I was just watching Milo, saw his famous bit of “Madam, thank you for coming and I am very grateful for your patronage, but fuck your feelings”.

This is a very Stoic Zen view that is going around, the idea that we are all responsible for our feelings about anything at all. It is very against the current leftish views that we must be very careful of each other’s feelings. Engineers probably shouldn’t have opinions on the topic, but most trend Stoic-Zennish after we get over being pissed at the latest technical idiocy inflicted upon us by clueless management. After you see generations of idiots ascend thru management with every failure, attaining a Stoical Zen mind is the only alternative to insanity. Except for Discordianism, of course.

I have thought that Trump has made a strategic mistake taking advantage of the stock market’s bubble. Before the election, he was telling everyone to get out of the market. Now he owns the problems that are about to fall on all of us. Of course, a year into his admin, he will take some blame and will have to deal with the problems in any case. His salvation will be the corruption investigations and headlines. He can point to them and claim that the economic problems are a consequence of the deep corruption. Plausible, certainly.

It still being January, I am allowed a claim of prescience on this, because I started saying this 14 months ago ‘show trials’ 11 Nov 2016  :

Trump’s economic plans are bunk, of course, especially in the fact of the end of this cycle of borrow&spend. So, 2 years on, the lousy economy will require distraction, either war or show trials. That is when Clinton and Banksters start getting attention. We can hope for the 9-11 malefactors also

Yea, I can brag about that.

Milo is on InfoWars with Alex Jones. Good, I like and respect Milo, and respect Alex Jones, tho I don’t like Alex Jones very much. I watched all of this, and Milo makes Alex almost OK, definitely improves the program. I like Milo, he has a mind and is a fellow dissident contrarian iconoclast.

If you wanted an example of the political realignment that is happening, watch Milo speaking to some evangelical event. I heard a lot about Milo on talk radio driving across the US time before last. They liked his words, they liked his attitudes, they didn’t like him being gay, but, hey, he speaks the truth otherwise. Milo is a living challenge at every event to the left’s stereotype of gay-hating Conservatives and crazy religious nuts. Milo is an excellent speaker, a good entertainer as well as someone with a good message, a restatement of the old values, facts+logic presented forcefully. There are a lot more old-style political liberals in the country than anyone wants to believe, and these days anyone at all standing up to the establishment in a principled way is embraced by the growing coalition.

His views on modern feminism are solid, imho.

Milo is not always correct. He said in a speech that women are oppressed in every culture, a Muslim woman objected, Milo said “You are wearing a hijab, what is wrong with you?”. My Amish neighbor women didn’t think they were oppressed, tho few Amish women make as much as men. Feminism is politico- economic thinking, everything in terms of money and power. It is not the only set of values to base your life upon.

He was also specifically wrong, there are a couple of Muslim cultures where women run major parts of the government. The things he identifies as ‘Muslim’ are in fact the Arabic culture. Eastern Muslim cultures are much more normal, even tho traditional by modern standards. Also, I think even in Arabic cultures the old ways of thinking are dying fast, they are secularizing just as the Christian world has done, merely 50-100 years behind. They are suffering from the incessant propaganda coming from the Deep Black Swamp, the world’s intelligence agencies dividing and conquering. Without the anti-Muslim attitudes, American Conservatives like Milo (who should also mention that the Israelis are about as rabid as the Muslims).

His charge of ‘female oppression’ depends on your set of values. Female genital mutiliation also, Jews remove male’s foreskins for religious reasons. I very much don’t approve of mutilating children.

At the same time, he is certainly right about the gang rape phenomena, a particularly Arabic Muslim crime. A proper social scientist would compare the incidence / 100K-year of men in an age range across cultures, e.g. US servicemen at every base in the world. That perspective will show that yes, this is worse. Also, why does this not appear to be happening with US Muslim groups? What are the rates across the different countries, and why?

So it needs to be discussed, it is a particular problem with these immigrants in some places. OK, discuss it and work across the cultures to solve the problem, but this is not a rational statement of the facts with the goal of solving problems, this is Milo being his provocative self, breaking the PC limits to free speech. He is entitled to his opinion and expression of it, and they don’t have to listen.

Milo is flat wrong saying there is no Muslim peace movement nor opposition to terrorists.  There are lots of them, a moment on Google will find them. That is real BS, it means he isn’t as serious an intellect as I had thought. It is not a religious issue, it is a cultural issue. His hammering on Islam is wrong. It is just another religion, it had its day in the sun, it built the usual new-high-culture-high architectural, the usual intellectual treatises, advances in astronomy, mathematics, natural philosophy, medicine and technologies, trade and governance, bringing sugar, paper and silk manufacture to Europe and good governance to Spain, for example. By ‘usual’, I mean achievements of this relative magnitude having happened less than a dozen times in human history.

Then it declined, as usual. Here ‘usual’ means ‘always has, tho they all thought they were the exception right up to the end’. Every religion, every ethnic group, every country, every empire, etc.

And we will again. I like this blend of Stoicism and Zen* in the new ethos.

His views of who is violent in US politics in the last few years and their motives are solid, imho. Milo has gotten better, or toned himself down for InfoWars :



George Webb continues explaining Uranium One. Clearly the Megatons to Megawatts program was the Russian government selling off an asset. Germany and the US divided the plutonium-uranium mixes. The only reason all this is so secret is that individuals took a big cut. Because of their planning going awry (not surprising considering the number of players in this story), our facilities will not pass audits of nuclear material, thus the US is violating international treaties as our criminals-in-government do all this, thus the SALT delays.

Drip, drip, drip, the news of the investigations are eroding the standing of institutions the criminals inhabit. I predict a deep cleaning is coming. Even now, the honest people in Navy Intelligence are recording their thoughts about people and events. There are records of everything surrounding everything in the most secret of organizations. Once people start looking, there will be few secrets still hidden.

As the DOJ’s problems with the 50K text messages, show, evidence of serious crimes are everywhere :



Torvalds is doubtful about the intelligence or honesty of Intel’s technical management. Intel could lose their leadership in the processor market in the next few years as a result of these bugs and the fact that most of their profit comes from the server market. AMD and ARM processors (AMD has a line of those also) do not have the flawed virtual memory paging system and so are in a better position to solve the microcode problems.

Assuming Intel’s management is competent, no reason to doubt that, the garbage patches mean something bigger is at stake here. To idly speculate, even Intel has limited engineering hours, and management can’t do everything at once. So dealing with these bugs in next-gen processors, validating the logic and the running processor, are no small tasks. Intel will either cut products or lose a generation of advance in some other features.

Intel must understand that. That garbage patch was likely an attempt to fuzz the issue long enough to get a design that doesn’t allow access to privilege memory space through the design- and production-cycles. But I haven’t looked deeply at the technical issues, am depending on the fact that Linus is rarely wrong in his technical judgement :


Celts likely preceded the Tribes of Israel and have maintained their group identities over the 5-7K years since they left the Middle East. All of us have genes from the peoples who replaced the peoples who replaced the peoples … back to the time of the original out-of-Africa apes. The most recent common ancestor of the oldest bit of the genome is >400K years. We are all mongrels of mongrels of mongrels, because evolution needs genetic diversity to work, and organisms go looking for it. Why do you think all males like foreign women? :


Every market shifts continuously, including the gun market. ARs and Sniper rifles are the big thing :


More interesting science. Every discovery is an enucleation point for history :



I was just thinking about the President’s retinue. How many 4-stars does he need with him as hostage to good maintainance on AF1? CIA and FBI VP-level people? Does he select them from a pool, last-minute? Are their bags searched? How are their identities verified? Is the increasing # in his retinue through recent history a measure of the number of independent military commands and agencies with their own secret shipping networks, and thus possible conflicts with the President? Or is that what the 13% budget increase for the military bought? Just realized I haven’t practiced my cynical paranoia lately. Were I Donald Trump, I would want my head of security to be very good at that, and not part of anybody’s bureaucracy.

*We may need another schism in my local chapter of the Discordians.


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